Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Latest Scoop

Lots of good news to share!

Caroline is home. In her own bed. I haven't felt this relieved...grateful...proud...happy...in a very long time. Thank you (more than you'll ever know) for rallying in prayer behind my sister through this battle. I'm grateful for your support and for reaching out to me in so many ways.

I can't successfully put into words what this single person in my life means to me. She is my sister, my friend, my mother, my child, my cheerleader and my inspiration all wrapped up into this one precious package.

With Jack over the summer:

I couldn't love her more.

And, I'm so pleased to announce that Fitz had her baby. While I'm so anxious to show you a picture of that itty bitty sweet babylicious punkin, I think it's only appropriate to allow her to do the honors. Prepare for some cuteness.

Seeing the pictures made me immediately anxious for another.

And, then I remembered that those itty bitty sweet babylicious punkins eventually turn into this:

If this is what our 3rd child is doing when I turn my back, I have no business having another.

Obviously, I'm losing control here.


Coco said...

Did you say the Fitz baby was itty bitty? Uhhh, NOT!! Can't wait for her to show that little thing off.

Love this post! So glad Caroline is home and doing well. Still prayin'....

And that pic of Lainey, I'm speechless.

Dee Stephens said...

YAY! for Caroline being at home!! and YAY! for Fitz having her baby! can't wait for her post! I'm sure it will be some time before she does that!

Carrie Darney said...

Yay Caroline! SO happy she's in the comfort of her own home.

PRICELESS picture of LC!! Ha!

donatelli98 said...

Great day! So glad to hear about Caroline - YEAH! And a new healthy baby is always great news! I love love love Lainey's picture. She doesn't want Batman to fee left out, he has to enjoy his meal with someone too.

The Jones Family said...

I'm so happy Caroline is home! Love you and please let me know if I can do ANYTHING for her...

And I agree, itty bitty baby by Fitz NOT!

That is freaking hysterical!

The Rand's said...

So happy to hear that Caroline is home! Great news!
Can't wait to see a pic of Baby Fitz. Such an exciting time!

The Lenzers said...

So wonderful to hear about your sis. the relationship yall share is wonderful! And you know, there is nothing wrong with a little cat food/water. Right?

Yellow Beads said...

what great news!!

Becca Jane said...

I'm already baby hungry too!!
That picture of your daughter eating with the cat is the funniest thing I've seen in a long time! Sooo classic!!!!

Monica said...

Yaay for Caroline being home! That picture of Lainey is HILARIOUS!