Monday, October 26, 2009

Fall Favorites 2009

OK, so we're back in the Midwest, unpacked and getting ready for a busy week! While in Texas, we extended our hotel stay in case we were too tired to drive overnight as planned....and we were....and the kids were sleeping soundly for the first night since we slept. And, slept. And, slept. And, woke at 7:30. Left at 8am and arrived in Overland Park at 7pm. Along the way, we were reminded of why we like overnight drives so much. :)

Kiddos did their best.....but it's a full day in the car. Plain and simple. Lots of stops to keep kids happy and for potty breaks and it's just exhausting. But, we made it and I'm super giddy at the thought of all to come this week. Halloween specials on TV.....lots of yummy treats to make.....a spooky movie or two......and then trick-or-treating!

More on all that later.....let's get back to routine with another Fall Favorite.

If I lived in north Texas, the Dallas Arboretum would be a Fall Favorite for sure. Lots to see and do.....year round, actually......check the site here for special events. The Holiday Celebration is a ton of fun, too. Carriage rides, live reindeer and hot chocolate.

Enjoyed seeing all the pumpkins and squashes and gourds labeled with their actual names rather than the ones I've assigned to them over the years.

Look at their version of a candy apple!

Mega cool pumpkin house.

Britney braved taking the kids inside and I'm so glad she did. Love this picture!

Something strange happened while on this outing. Lainey acquired a new sticky-sweet smile....featured here.....and in a few photos below.

So, we have super sweet Laine and super wild Maci. Britney's growing accustomed to the craziness. She looks like a pro here!

The entire arboretum was beautiful.......beautiful......enjoyed it all. Love the mix of fall pumpkins and still-lush greens.

OK, back to the sweetness. Lainey walked over to this pretty gate and started posing away. It was so over the top, I didn't know what to do. Except take pictures, of course. Click on one for a close up of this ridiculousness!

Maybe we do need to look into this whole toddler modeling business so many have suggested for her!

Cutest cousins....

Love how my girl stops to smell the flowers.

Like that outfit? Praise to's a Bram original.....passed down to Jack.

We explored a bit into the cabins and sod houses and peaked into pioneer stuff!

It was a fun day. I'm updating backwards since I started with our Friends Dinner post last night. So, if my brain can compute which was the event just before this, I'll post about that tomorrow. But, give me some time. I'm exhausted!


The Jones Family said...

Ha, seriously that pic of Mace and I says it all... OMG!

Love the pics, happy you are all home safe and miss you guys already!


Jodee said...

It looks like you guys had a blast! I love the pumpkin house!

Get rested up for your fun and busy week! We are headed to Boo at the Zoo tonight!

SASS said...

I want to go there! So many cute pictures! Pumpkin house is precious.
Lainey's new smile...look what you've done! Sign her up!
Britney and Maci, that is seriously a framer.
Love the Bram original. Jack can totally work it.
Glad you're home!!

Dee Stephens said...

Looks like a really cool place! I would LOVE THAT! Lainey is a cutie.. I wouldn't hesitate sending her picture in to a local agency.
Many of them are looking for families to do work here and there and you could all get involved!
BTW - Jack's pants from Coco.. how prepster can you get! I had to click on the pix to see what was on them!

Sara said...

These are the cutest pictures ever!!! I'm totally taking Hudson to the Arboretum this weekend after seeing this post. Looks like y'all had a fun-filled weekend in Dallas. Glad it was a good trip!

Coco said...

Those pictures of Laine are to die for!! And I love the last one with Maci and Lainey, so sweet.

Holy cuteness, love seeing Jack in Bram's clothes. He looks just fab in them. So I guess this means I need to keep on shopping?

starnes family said...

Coco - yes. And, preferrably to Crew Cuts, Mini Boden and the like. Can I send you some links? :)

donatelli98 said...

Looks like y'all had a blast! Great pics ...

Monica said...

I love Lainey's new smile. She's such a girly girl!

michelle matthews said...

That smile is precious! Seriously - she needs to be in modeling!
That pic of Brit and Maci is adorable! She's got it down!
I need to go there. Looks like a ton of fun!

The Rand's said...

Great pics. Sweet, sweet Lainey! Love that little grin she's working! And, I miss Jack's voice! "Hey You! You help me?!?!" Oh my goodness! Precious!