Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Fall Favorites 2009

Oh, how I love to dress for fall. Such lovely options. Let's ponder a few, shall we?

Scarves. I can never have enough. Also love to give them as gifts. Because you, too, can never have enough.

Standard stay-at-home mom uniform during cold months for me? Yoga pants, long sleeve t, and a cute scarf.

And, vests. I have this one very one (that's not me, though):

Living in Colorado required some nice cold weather gear, so we made some investments into the fabulous North Face company and acquired a lovely collection of quality layers. I adore this vest and soon you'll see it on me often - if I ever post another picture of myself, that is. Seems like it's been forever.

I want this fleece one, too....exactly like this....in chocolate brown. How cute would I be in it?

I've got a healthy dose of granola in me, so these Keen boots were purchased last winter. I love them. And, once the temps drop another 20 degrees, they are all I will wear.

And, hats. This was my staple last year. See, outside of the south, they are actually useful and not just a cute accessory. Love this one. Need a new version for this year, though.

Kids are already in on the fun. Blake took the following pics at the soccer games over the weekend. Love how he put Jack's old vest on Lainey and found his new one for him. (Notice the trademark double pony, too).

And, boots for Laine. She already has 4 pair. Of course, I bought them last year at a super discount. The ones here cost me $3.

You would have never known.

Also, on deck......some sleek black Kenneth Cole dress up boots, some Aspen-esque embroidered ones and a darling pair of pink snow boots.

The boys? They'll go barefoot. But, Lainey will be a sight to see.

Love her in skinny jeans and boots. Can we say skinny jeans for a toddler?

That just seems wrong.


Malinda said...

I love the double pony on Lainey. I wish they did make skinny jeans for toddler boys. I'm having such a hard time finding jeans to fit a kid that wears a 6 month size waist and 18 month length. He may just have to wear overalls all winter.

I wish I could wear some cold weather gear. I think I wore my coat twice last winter, hardly worth buying one.

The Rand's said...

Love that hat on you! Looks great!
Scarves, aren't they the greatest accessory?!?! Adds so much to an outfit.

Heather said...

You look so cute in that hat.

I'm gonna try the yoga pants, LS tee, and scarf. thanks for the idea.

Shannon said...

I love your lesbian look for fall. Maybe I can emulate you and we can have a ceremony.

Jodee said...

I love fall clothing too -- especially vests! My favorite is a cheap-o chocolate one from Wally World. I wear it all of the time! You look fabulous in a hat!

The Jones Family said...

Shannon, you freakin' crack me up! LOL

Love the boots and the vests for the kiddos... the boys don't need shoes anyway!

The Soladay Family said...

Okay...I spit my wine out on the computer after reading Shannon's comment! Freaking hilarious!

Carrie Darney said...

OK, so is it wrong that my 2 year old BOY wears girls skinny jeans? I mean you can't tell and he looks SO cute in them! Ryan and I make fun of his "skinny" jeans so much that now he calls any pair of pants his skinny jeans...Ryan is dying a little bit inside everytime he hears it.

Lesbo comment made me shart in my pants...hilarious! I'm gonna try the lesbo look though...

If the shoe FITZ said...

I just went into labor reading Shannon's comment. Thanks!

Dee Stephens said...

Shannon's comment is too much! I love this look too!
I'll have to post about my fav fall accessories tomorrow ;) I'm a sucker for vests too! can't have enough!

starnes family said...

All right, all right. Everyone settle down. Let's not give Shannon a big head. That would not look good during the ceremony planned for Sunday.

Coco said...

casey, you look nothing like a lesbo.

unless you really wear those ugly ass keens. come on, really? yet i am not surprised. maybe we really are lovers like blake and adam say......

my north face fleece vest is a staple with my yoga pants. i wish it got cold enough here to do the puffy. boo.

Cate O'Malley said...

Love the North Face vests - you're tempting me!

SASS said...

Jeez Shannon, you have everyone spitting and sharting all over the country. What an accomplishment!

Casey, loving the yoga pants right now. Got 3 pair for $5 each at Old Navy last week, and have worn them non-stop. Tony doesn't like when I wear them to class, though. Don't blame him, my ass looks delicious.

And scarves? Duh! Grab a dark animal print one to ditch the lesbo comments!

Kelly Beatty said...

Sorry to get in on this one late...but Casey, did you buy a Subaru Outback by chance? But seriously, I wear Yoga pants all the time and I'm not a stay at home mom. I love that trend.

starnes family said...

A. Those Keens are AWESOME. They look darling with jeans or pants and are completely water proof. BECAUSE IT SNOWS IN OTHER PARTS OF THE COUNTRY, fools. I promise.....you yokels need to venture out of the south once in a while.

B. I love the Subaru Outbacks. Another thing popular outside of the south! I'm starting to think my readers equate lesbianism with western trends.

donatelli98 said...

Please don't say it is so about the Subaru Outbacks! Mr. ESPN and I have a thing about them - totally granola! That's what everyone drives in Oregon! Wish it got cold enough to wear vest and boots and all that crap! If you are a lesbo you are the cutest one I have seen! Can't wait to see pics from the ceremony!

5 Boys And Me said...

I love the brown North Face vest - actually bought the boy/men version of this for Holden & Clayton last year and they love it. I bought myself a cheap Target fleece vest that I think I wore everyday, so I already plan on buying a nicer one this year. You definitely need to get it!

The Lenzers said...

where to start? ok, i am so with you, love the scarves. i need a couple of new ones this season. I love how they hang down and camaflage the tummy and cover any stains on your shirt. and great hint about the vest you want. have you emailed the link to blake? thats what i do. or just go ahead and purchase it and put it in the gift box and hand it to him to wrap (or at least sign the card). skinny jeans and boots...too cute, maybe its a good thing i have all boys. my kids own 2 pair of shoes-tennis shoes and dress shoes, oh and a pair of crocs!

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