Thursday, October 08, 2009

Fall Favorites 2009

What's next? Hmmmm....what can I include that won't elicit clever comments from Shannon?

OK, this seems safe enough. Time will tell!

I love dressing the kids in Halloween gear. Lainey currently has more options than days in October, so each morning is fun getting her dressed.

She started yesterday in this Old Navy shirt I bought for $1 at the end of last season (note: if you do this, avoid those with their annoying "Old Navy 2008" logo). Denim mini, leggings and boots. Halloween chic. The darling Life is Good shirt landed here yesterday, compliments of Mae Mae.

These two keep me laughing all day long.

So, we went on a walk to look at the fall leaves in our neighborhood. More on that later, but check out this beauty for now. Pretty sure if you watch long enough you'll see the leaves actually changing colors. Have I mentioned how much we love living here?

So, on our walk, we ran into some dog poop and I pointed it out to the children, requesting they steer clear. And, of course, Lainey walked right up to it and SPLAT. Boots were dirty. Time for a wardrobe change.

Jack's skeleton shirt from last year and my all time favorite - witch striped leggings. Funky and fun.

Look at her winding up for that massive jump.

My silly punkins.

We were outside of church for these pics......on the Wednesday night Carter was not available. Can't wait to put him in some fun gear and take pics at the pumpkin patch. Weather permitting, we'll be there this weekend.

And, guess what? The best is yet to come. Mae Mae sent Lainey the cutest-ever Halloween tunic I am anxious to put on her.

Stay tuned. This is getting good, folks.


Allyson and Dave said...

I love the Halloween clothes!!! I cannot wait to have kids so that I can dress them up for every holiday.

The Jones Family said...

LOVE the tights, must find Maci some!

Jennifer said...

So freakin adorable!! After I pick up Addie from playschool today, I'm on a mission to find her a denim skirt, tights and boots to complete the already adorable shirt I got her for Halloween. :)

Dee Stephens said...

love Lainey's UGG's with her tights!

Jodee said...

Cute pictures! I love Halloween clothes too! I have already started buying Christmas clothes, as well. I am completely out of control!

Jeri Hamman said...

Love Love Love Lainey's tights! Where did you find those? Your incredible Mommy skills continue to amaze me!!

starnes family said...

Thank you, Mrs. Hamman!

I bought them last year at Old Navy, end of season for $.39. I love a good deal!

These are size 6-12 months.....our little shrimp can still wear them....but I have the 12-24 month size waiting on deck. These are Lainey's signature Halloween look. Must have every year!

Shannon said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Shannon said...

We bought the kids' clothes for cooler temps last night. They are dressed in whatever Target had left. That's why your kids are cuter than mine.

merrilee said...

So darn cute! Lainey is simply edible. I love the picture with Jack squeezing Lainey's wrist--aren't toddlers a delight?

The Rand's said...

Love the clothes, boots, tights. All of it! Gracie has a ton of Halloween attire because of Haylee. Hand-me-downs from big sister are lovely! Poor H only has 3 so far. She has it so rough. ;)

Yellow Beads said...

oh they are just so cute!!

SASS said...

BAH! I love this! The closest I've gotten to mini halloween clothes was trying to stuff Josie into a orange pumpkin shirt I got at Target. She was NOT having it. Shocker.
Love the changing tree pic-isn't it so lovely right now? I've got to stop and take some pics of our street. Colors galore!

michelle matthews said...

Oh they are SO PRECIOUS! Love their lil outfits. They are quite the pair!

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