Friday, October 16, 2009

Fall Favorites 2009

Of already know it.....I love a visit to the pumpkin patch. And, it was no easy task to find one in our new home state that does not require an admission fee. $7-$10 per person quickly adds up in this family and we're looking at a $50+ visit before you can say pumpkin!

So, I searched and searched and then a sweet new friend clued me into the Powell Pumpkin Patch in Louisburg. About 25 minutes away and easy to find. Done!

The boys loved running through the fields.

Lainey was being a mega-brat (yes, it's possible) and didn't want to walk. She was cold, too. Our only Colorado born baby doesn't like the cold weather. Figure that one out.

OK, so she's a brat, but I do love her pouty face. And, her golden hair....pretty girl.

Since I'm not above bribes, I bought some candy at the Pumpkin Shack and gave it a try.


How cool is this? We didn't do the maze because I'm sure they would have had to fly in a search squad with me + 3 kids.....maybe next time when Blake is with us.

Very smart of me to choose ring pops as my bribe. Don't you just immediately think - pumpkin patch......corn maze.....ring pops? Yeah, me, too. No worries. We're keepin' it real.

Lovely Jack. Not a whole lot unlike last year's photo. Same shirt. Same scream.

Yes.....the ring pops were brilliant.

Can't you hear him? "Cheeeeeeese!"

Lainey gave me a sugary sweet fake smile finally.

And, just as I was about to get Jack's full attention, Carter touched her. Who still doesn't know the rules?!

OK, I kinda like this one.

The boys ventured in briefly, but stayed in sight. Very cool maze.

Children of the Corn.....Signs.....ooh.....the spookiness of a corn field. Makes me want to rent a scary movie tonight!

Picnic time.

Everyone pried the candy away long enough to enjoy a cheese sandwich. Yum.

PS - Sass, those are Lainy Lu's jeans!

One final run through the miniature hay bale maze.....and home for naps!

Although I'm anxious to visit other great Kansas City Pumpkin Patches (Deanna Rose Pumpkin Hollow, Johnson Farms, Louisburg Cider Mill, and more), we're on a strict budget right now.

Our family's 3rd trip to Dallas since moving to Kansas awaits.....birthdays coming fun in a new city is just around the corner. Very happy with this patch, case you're in the area and are looking for one. Enjoy!


merrilee said...

Casey--I LOVE these pictures! You are such a great photographer. I especially love the one of all 3, Lainey and Carter looking as sweet as ever and Jack distracted by his ring-pop--perfect!!! Oh--and charging to get into a pumpkin patch. . . .that is WRONG! Even here in "everything is more expensive" California, I have never been charged to enter a patch!!!

Allyson and Dave said...

When I was in college in Knoxville we would go to the haunted corn maze every Halloween. We would do it at night. One time we got kicked out because my friend (a girl) peed in the corn. So that is what I think of when I see a corn maze. It makes me laugh everytime!!!

Live.Love.Eat said...

Awesome trip to the pumpkin patch. I really hope to go next weekend. We've actually never been. Those pics are great, and the colors!!!!!!!!!!!

Tammy said...

love this post... it's killing me to not have had pumpkin patch pics for the past two years now. I don't remember why we didn't last year, but this year, the friggin' pumpkins are floating... so much rain!!!! Maybe next weekend if it doesn't rain this week!!!! Love your pics, though.. suppose I could photoshop my own kids heads over yours... ha ha!!! And, btw, the Kansas sky in the background... can you say Wizard of Oz? We're not in Kansas anymore... thanks for sharing!

Jodee said...

Great pumpkin patch pictures! It is expensive to get in here too -- it could easily cost $50.00 just to walk in. We are hoping to go this weekend. It is suppose to be 60 degrees....finally!

Hope you have a great weekend!

Becca Jane said...

I love how you've kept your boys' hair longer. It's so cute on them! Cameron's hair is usually pretty long, we just barely butched it, and I miss it!
That place looks so fun! I can't wait until my kids are old enough to enjoy stuff like that. Cam is getting closer to understanding holidays and traditions.

Becca Jane said...

By the way, you should hop over to my Sweet Jane blog and enter to win the butterfly's free! Your cutie Lainey would look adorable in it! :)

SASS said...

So darling!
The charge is annoying, isn't it? Deanna Rose isn't too bad-I think it's $5.
Love seeing Lainey in Lu's jeans. And the ring pops? You'll probably have to bring some to any pumpkin patch in the future. Kinda like cupcakes and parties with Jack.

We should go to The Cider Mill sometime! No scary ghouls and lots of fun. We've never taken the girls!

starnes family said...

Becca - done!

Sass - you are so thoughtful. Can't believe you remember the "Jack thinks parties = cupcakes" oddity. Sweet girl!

Coco said...

Great pics! I just kind of feel sorry for Carter in all the pictures, kind of like, "really mom? You just HAD to have a third didn't you?" Love it.

LOVE Laine's cheesy smile, just precious.

Do NOT do the maze without Blake, we did it yesterday and I am really surprised I made it home with Bram. Seriously.

Yellow Beads said...

Oh what great photos! And the kids' outfits are so cute!! (We went today too--in the rain!)

donatelli98 said...

I don't think boys ever learn the rules - it's in their genes! Plus as girls we always change the rules! Love he pictures and the facty that every other two year old can be a brat too! Makes me feel normal!

mamaclay said...

how fun! sam loves him a ring pop too. you took some great pics! hope you have a fun trip to dallas. maybe ya'll should just make it your next move ;)

Becca Jane said...

Hey, it's me do you live in Milwaukee? That's where it shows you as coming from on my blog feed. I'm just wondering, cuz that's where my sister lives!!

starnes family said...

Becca - nope, we're in Kansas City! I hear that I pop up from all sorts of places in the Midwest. Funny!