Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Question Of The Week

Ready for Christmas? 73 days.


Take that in for a second.

So, as most of you know I'm 90% done with our shopping and I'll start wrapping pretty soon, actually. I try to stay ahead of the game because it allows me to enjoy the season rather than stressing over it. Told Britney I might be bringing a lot of their gifts with us next week during our Texas visit in case they're not able to travel here before Christmas and it didn't phase her. She knows the full fledged version of crazy that I carry around with me. Y'all only know a tailored version of it. Lucky girl, isn't she?

Santa gifts remain our kids' choice, though. Each child asks for one gift....usually something pretty substantial.....and it's up to them if they can articulate what they want. Otherwise, we help. Santa gifts arrive unwrapped on Christmas morning (if they've been good!) next to all of our wrapped ones.

Not sure what Carter is settling on. Heard about 3,246 options thus far.

Jack wants a train set. Yes, another. But, this kind will be the real deal....the mechanical kind.

Lainey and I are discussing the PBK navy pram vs a baby cradle. Such serious debates going on in the Starnes house.

Forbes put out their top holiday toy list already. Read it here.

***What are your kids talking about? Anything new and fun we should know about this year?


Blake said...

80 days until tax season.

Dear Santa: I want an Official Red Ryder Carbine-Action Two-Hundred-Shot Range Model Air Rifle! Or socks.

The Rand's said...

Funny Blake!

And, Casey, 90% done! Impressive! I've only done a little bit. A couple of books and crafts.

So far Haylee says she wants an ipod from Santa. Her shuffle must not do the trick for her. Not sure about Gracie yet. She wants everything.

We do the same--Santa's gifts unwrapped and ours wrapped. I love Christmas!!!

The Jones Family said...

Socks - Check

And Casey, this time last year I was pretty much done too but not this year; I haven't even started... calm down!

I got your back, Blakers! :)

One kid is talking about skateboards and such, while the other doesn't speak english so we can't understand what she is saying and the oldest child is throwing hints around about Coach purses and the more expensive things; go figure!

Santa needs to bring me a vacation filled with white sands, cocktails and no kids!

The Soladay Family said...

I just put lists up in the kitchen to keep track of things the boys randomly talk about wanting. Preston has started keeping a piece of paper next to him anytime he watched television in hopes of catching a glimpse of toy on a commercial he wants! Austin has asked for ipod touch......ya....no...it would only last about 2.3 weeks in his hands!

donatelli98 said...

Wow - I remember last year you were way ahead of the game - crazy! Since my birthday is the end of Nov. I like to think Christmas starts after my birthday ... so it doesn't get wrapped into it. I think I need get started a little earlier this year though. I think Santa is bringing a WII for Mr. ESPN and Chatty and Bia - not sure ...think I will peruse PBK ...

Shannon said...

I'm moving past my typical "You exhaust me" comment and I'm now in full-fledged "I hate you" mode.


Dee Stephens said...

WOW! You gals are killing me! Christmas done? Maybe next year..

My canine child is asking for this. Monogrammed of course. More plush than his current one.
Then he'll have one on each floor in the house.


FROGGITY! said...

little lady wants bitty baby.

that was fun to write. (and mommy is excited about the introduction to pleasant company/american girls. yesssss!)

i want a tory burch bag.

hubby's getting a surf trip (shocker!).

thanks for the header tips, by the way. yours is DARLING!!!

Jodee said...

You go girl! I have started shopping but am no where near done! Our family is getting a Wii this year. Carson is getting a new bike and I am not sure what big item Kamree is getting yet! I should check out PBK.

Moni said...

We are trying something different this year as a whole family to get back to what Christmas is all about.....donating to the charity of the recipients choice.