Thursday, May 31, 2007


This is what happens in our house when you leave the downstairs bathroom door open....

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Boulder Creek Festival

Last weekend brought the chance to get outside and see Boulder, CO for the first time since we arrived here in this beautiful state. We attended the Boulder Creek Festival.

Most of you know that we love to spend time outdoors with the kids and fesitvals are the perfect way to do that. Boulder is gorgeous, too, located near The Flatirons of the Rocky Mountains and it's filled with mature trees and plenty to do. The "Great Rubber Ducky Race" was held on Monday.....thousands of rubber duckies race the creek to win prizes.

The University of Colorado campus is just down the street and the adjacent district supporting the students looks like a lot of fun to check out. Much more to see in Boulder....Blake and I both left saying that "whatever they're hosting, we're there!".

The ever-fun Hollingshead family came with us after actually suggesting the event when we had planned to go into the city to see the Denver Arts Festival. Good move, Belinda!

Ryan with kids down by the water.

The kids learned how to fence. Here is darling AnnMarie battling her daddy, Ryan.

Carter and Noah.

We found a central spot to sit down, have lunch and listen to music.


Getting ready for the bungie trampoline.

Belinda bet Carter and Noah a million dollars that they couldn't keep a sticker on their mouths (thus, not talking) for the rest of the day. Noah is considerably quieter than Carter, but even he was unsuccessful.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

A Preview Of Many Summer Days Ahead

Our pool and recreation center opened over Memorial Day weekend. We spent Sunday and Monday there, enjoying the gorgeous weather and a BBQ by the water.

Dad and Jack...

Carter, whom we see upon arriving to the pool and then when we get into the car to leave.

The boys chillin' out.

I do not quite understand why Jack is so terrified by the soft Colorado grass, but the grainy sand doesn't bother him a bit.

Actually wearing his hat for a few minutes.

It's a tough life...

Sunday, May 27, 2007


Kindergarten Graduation was a big event for all of us and we couldn't be more proud of our now 1st grader. Enjoy the pictures!

Friday, May 25, 2007

Seven Years!!!!

Today, Blake and I celebrate 7 years of marriage. Just that long ago, we were in Half Moon Bay, CA saying our vows on the beach at sunset. It was magical!

Now, a few kids later, a new job, a new state, etc......we've come a long way.

Here's to 7 more years, Blake!

We took advantage of our quiet house last night and had a dinner without children. The bottle of wine from our first date....(last night used as a vase).

And, a picture from our wedding....

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Tomorrow He Wakes Up A 1st Grader

Today was Carter's last day of Kindergarten. He came home beaming with pride and so excited about summer vacation, which officially starts tomorrow. That is such a great feeling....knowing you have 3 months of non-stop fun ahead. I can remember it so clearly from being a child.

We have Kindergarten Graduation in the morning....a celebratory breakfast for the big boy shortly after....and then the party begins. He can't wait. His new friend down the street, Jordan, invited him for a sleepover to get things started.

Just one picture of the precious boy about to get on the bus as a Kindergartener for the last time.

Field Day

Carter had Field Day at school last week. The parents were invited to have lunch with the kids before the event started and then to stay and watch and then eventually participate. Some of my best memories from elementary school are of Field Day, so we were excited to share in this with Carter.

Taking a break after the bean bag toss. Hard work!

With Abby.....his friend who he rides the bus with.

Obstacle course.

And, with Dad on the obstacle course.

Potato sack races. I love how he's falling to the ground, face-first, and has a huge smile on his face.

Getting ready for the spoon race.

Water relay with Dad.

Here is Blake trying to get Carter with his water cup.

A pre-race pep talk.

Cooling off with a popsicle.

And, finally with mom. It's been requested by a few that I show more shots of "pregnant Casey". So, here we go.....even though it's not a pretty sight!!!!!