Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mother's Day Card

The boys gave me this card for Mother's Day and I absolutely love it. The card itself is darling with "Happy Mother's Day to a cooler-than-your-average Mom" written inside. But, Carter's embellishments make it even better.....the horns on the front, the machine gun on the top, the fire coming out of the back, and I think that's me holding two bottles for the babies. He is so creative! Now, if only I could be that cool!

Hope you all had a nice holiday.


Anonymous said...

OK, that is hilarious! You know, my mom kept things like this in our baby books (just thrown in them) and it is so funny to look back at them! My favorite is the first picture of Dad that I drew...he was a potato head doll! Ha!

Shannon said...

I showed Andy this and I told him "what she thinks is hilarious would mortify me" and his reply was "well, she's Republican." :-)

starnes family said...

We have to defend our kind, Shannon!!!!

Loved Andy's comment.

Anonymous said...

Best card. Ever.

Love the page with the counter. Looks great, Casey! Thank you so much!

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