Monday, May 21, 2007

Running The Bases

Sunday included a trip to see the Rockies play baseball and for Carter to run the bases at Coors field. He has been counting down the days since we signed him up for the Rockies Rookies kids fan club weeks ago. The plan was for the kids to run after the game....which was fine....until it went to 12 innings because of a tie! It was worth the wait in the end because it was pure magic for Carter.

Waiting for tickets.

View of the field.

Carter, so excited!!!!

Dad and Jack at the game.

Still trying to catch a fly ball.

Carter wanted his picture taken here for some reason.

In the interactive play space for kids.

Blake showing Carter how a baseball is made.

He noticed some other kids had their fan club shirts signed....likely by baseball players. Because all the players were on the field, Carter asked his dad to sign his!

Now, the fun begins.....walking through the stadium towards the field. I loved this quote. We got a back-stage tour of sorts because of Jack being in his stroller and us having to take the elevator. It was cool!

Just about there....

They had the kids on the big screen running.

Dinger, the Rockies mascot, cheering them on.

Carter's turn!!! You can see him giving Dinger "five" as he runs to 2nd base.

The fam.

Dad and son. What a great day.

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