Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Party At The Hollingshead House

On Saturday, we went over to Belinda's house to help celebrate the "official" adoption of Noah by Ryan, Belinda's husband. Ryan has been Noah's dad since he was a tiny baby, but this paperwork just got pushed through and so it was time to celebrate!

We spent a nice day outside and had a good lunch. The kids had the most fun!

AnnMarie and Lindsey at bat with brave Carter as the catcher.

Jeffrey pitching...

AnnMarie, Jack and Belinda.

Kids on the trampoline.

Emily, 2 months older than Jack...

Belinda is one of the funnest moms I know!!! Here she is filling endless water balloons for the kids.

And, then they're on the trampoline with them...

This is a glimpse into one difference between AnnMarie and Lindsey's personalities. Lindsey is collecting balloons for Jack and AnnMarie is about to get her with a balloon!

Belinda getting the boys with the hose.

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The Rand's said...

Looks like fun! They have a huge backyard--a trampoline, swing set and they still have a ton of yard left!
Have a good day!