Thursday, May 03, 2007

Denver Botanic Gardens

A couple of weeks ago, we ventured out to the Denver Botanic Gardens for the Big Bugs Eco-Sculpture Exhibit. After the long cold winter, we were ready to see some signs of spring and although not all the flowers were in bloom, we saw plenty and enjoyed the pretty day.

The Japanese Garden.

Some of the pretty blooms... Carter could have ignored them completely, but I was in heaven, so we stopped and looked in several areas. I took lots of inspiration home and literally...3 days after we moved in our new house...I had about 10 pots planted already!

Inside the conservatory. We hit a wall of humidity after just stepping inside and could barely get over it! The air is so different here in Colorado.

And, outside after a snack. Carter rolling down the hill.

And, Jack reaching for him, but not daring go into the grass to catch him.

On our way out, we found the kids' garden and nature area.

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