Friday, May 25, 2007

Seven Years!!!!

Today, Blake and I celebrate 7 years of marriage. Just that long ago, we were in Half Moon Bay, CA saying our vows on the beach at sunset. It was magical!

Now, a few kids later, a new job, a new state, etc......we've come a long way.

Here's to 7 more years, Blake!

We took advantage of our quiet house last night and had a dinner without children. The bottle of wine from our first date....(last night used as a vase).

And, a picture from our wedding....


Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary!

The Rand's said...

Happy Anniversary! Glad you guys got a quiet night to yourselves!

Anonymous said...

Was thinking about you guys and on Friday and how far you've traveled in distance and in life over the past 7 years. Being in the food business, I know how the right choice of wine can add value and enhance a wonderful evening. I believe the 2 of you have taken it to the NEXT level.

Happy Anniversery to the "poster couple" of how to do it right !
Love you Guys and looking forward to baby sitting on the 26th !

Congrats to Blake for winning the trip to Cabo !

Love, Pa

Linda said...

Happy Anniversary you two! How did you get a night off without kids? What a cute couple! See you soon.