Sunday, February 28, 2010

Friday, February 26, 2010

Weekend Scoop

Happy Friday, peeps!

Let's start off with this week's You Tell Me winner.

Yeah, I chose him. Trey, Sara's husband.

1. Because it was funny.
2. Because he was brave enough to make a joke about my kid being temporarily unconscious.
3. Because Sara was gutsy enough to post it.

Which leads me to believe these two are as kooky as I was hoping they'd be. I can admire that, people.


"If I can just shock Jack back to life, I won't ever have to explain to Casey how this happened."

Very nice.

And, while we're talking about "nice", let's venture into my morning. Two kids with appointments.....old enough to know what happens at the pediatrician's office.....with the first round of h1n1 shots just one month ago.

Today was round two.

As we entered the parking lot.....and then the lobby.....and then the office.....and then the exam room:

"I not want band aids!" (To Lainey, band aids = shots.)

"Band aids broken!" (Jack's terminology for "you can take this idea and shove it, mom".)

It wasn't pretty. I asked who wanted to go first, as I always do.

"Wainey", said Jack. Shocker.

Both kids survived and then when I thought we were just about drowning in tears and done, Jack threw his lollipop across the exam room at the nurse. Surprisingly, they're letting us come back for his 4 Year Well Check in April.

Lainey's on her way to Texas again to save Pa from the monsters. This time, she's rescuing "Cawowine", too. Such concern in those eyes.

Maybe not today. It's cold out.

Jack got a hair cut this morning, after the shot massacre. And, you know we don't mess around with hair cuts.

Total blockhead. And, I love it.

Thanks to everyone who bought Caroline's Love Week shirts. I was so touched with your generosity......close friends and those I've never uttered a word to......just friends via blogland. You overwhelmed me and Caroline, too.

We sported our shirts while skiing last weekend.

It drives Carter insane when Caroline and I wear matching outfits. So, I insisted we all wear them for our day out. Awesome.

The fam:

And, Caroline's namesake. "Wainey Cawowine" Such a gentle little creature, isn't she?

Finally, let's end on a good note. Flights have been booked! We're headed back to the land of beauty.....La Jolla.

2 weeks of blissful days on the beach. One day with Mickey. Time with family and friends in California.

Which brings me to my weekend!

I'm taking on more hours to help with travel expenses and hoping to cover everything with my paychecks. I'm loving my job. Life is good!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Movie Reviews

OK, it's been a while! Time for some reviews. I'm leaving out plenty, I'm sure.....since I haven't posted in a while.

Crazy Heart - My favorite in a long, long time. Loved it so much, I insisted Blake saw it....this week......during my usual movie night. I know. I'm so giving.

He enjoyed it, too. Upon returning home, I asked him if he noticed Coco (Maggie Gyllenhaal) was in the movie. "Yeah, it haunted me the whole time." Nice.

***I'll let Blake comment on his opinion of my Tuesday Night at the movies routine. (it should be noted that he took my popcorn bowl in, too)

I totally recommend this movie for music lovers. Jeff Bridges plays and sings all of it himself. Fantastic.

The Blind Side - Lots of hype for this one and I it lived up to it. A true story and it was beautifully played out on screen. Really enjoyed Sandra Bullock, too.

Dear John - Very much a Nicholas Sparks story. I read many of his books after falling in love with The Notebook years ago. Not exactly my taste anymore. But, you'll love it if you love him.

It's Complicated - Really enjoyed this one. I do believe I could watch Meryl Streep do just about anything......she's so wonderful.....and the men were great, too.

Up in the Air - Very smart movie. George Clooney can do no wrong in my opinion.

Valentine's Day - Half way through I thought I was going to agree with the reviews....and I still do in some respects.....but it was fun overall. Not ground breaking.....but a good date movie. (To which, I went alone, of course.) Be sure to stay until the end and watch the credits for a nod to Pretty Woman, a la Julia Roberts. Cute.

When In Rome - Pass. She's precious. Weak movie.

Fantastic Mr. Fox - Cannot say enough good about this movie. Totally weird. Not for everyone. If you have a kooky sense of humor like me, you'll absolutely adore it.

Trailer.......if you don't get won't get the movie.

The Men Who Stare At Goats - Another movie not for everyone. Enjoyed it.

Cannot wait for Shutter Island. Maybe tonight!

What am I missing? Any must-sees?

Monday, February 22, 2010

Easter Prep And A Look Back At Spring

OK. I love Fall and Winter more than most, but even I am ready for Spring now. Kansas has seen more snow than usual. And, since I feel partially responsible for this drastic change in weather, I'm currently working on willing the sun out to play.

Hence, my Easter wreath up....vine wrapped bunnies adorning the patio and front porch....and planters prepped for Spring flowers. The Farmer's Market opens April 17. I'll be the first one there. Go here for a recap of our visits last year.

We're always anxious for warmer weather, actually. Click here for pictures of a 6 year old Carter and me planting seeds at our first house in Colorado when Jack was only a baby and Lainey, unheard of!

I can't wait to visit the Overland Park Arboretum and Botanical Gardens, once everything starts blooming. Click here for a recap of our visit to the Denver Botanic Gardens when Jack was just a little punk in 2007. A rolly poly, really.

And, some of Lainey in the spring of 2008 in all her bonnet wearing baby glory here.

Spring.....the smell of soil......the insects returning......our enormous trees growing an abundance of leaves, turning our little home into a tree house.

I'm ready.

I was reminded of several Spring and Easter projects at my Building Better Moms class a couple of weeks ago.

They are:

*Take a "new life" walk outdoors.....look for tiny shoots, sprouts, eggs, etc.....all signs of life to come.

*Make hot cross buns. Easy!

*Make pretzels or simply serve them as a snack. The shapes remind us of arms folded in prayer.

*Fill clay pots with soil and seeds.

*Make or purchase Resurrection Eggs.

*Paint chocolate pudding footprints.....reminding us we're followers of Jesus.

*Dye Easter eggs.....discuss how the changing of colors mirrors the changes in us.

And, I've added a few of my own....

*Paint a bird house.

*Walk the zoo looking for signs of spring. Ask a zookeeper about new babies arriving.

*Make a child-friendly commitment to sacrificing something for Lent. Give up marshmallows? Sugar cereal? Cookies?

Any other ideas? I love to get the kids excited about the approaching holiday.

And, we need something to take the focus off of Jack's 4th, arriving in April. We made the mistake of telling him his was next......and he's asked me to make him a "urt-day" cake every day since. It's getting old, people.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Question Of The Week

It's one of my greatest dietary challenges. I love salt. Love it.

I know it's terrible for me. I try to do without.

So, for Lent, I've given it up. I will not add salt to any food for 40 days. This is big, people.

At my Tuesday night movie, my popcorn will be buttery. But, not salty. (Spare me the details of what is in the butter. We're baby stepping here.)

Greater challenges have been made. It's true. But, this is a big one for me.

***How about you? Do you sacrifice for Lent? If so, what?

Friday, February 19, 2010

Weekend Scoop

Let's start this week off with a doozy. I dropped my Blackberry in the toilet last week. For real. It happens.

So, I've been without text for much too long.....something I never thought I'd say.....but I have people like this depending on me each day. She's a wreck without me, y'all.

Made monkey bread for the first time in a long time recently. Delicious, sugary bliss.

This week's You Tell Me winner is Becca Jane with:

"One of these things is not like the others!"

I was immediately pulled back to Sesame Street days and was singing the song in my head for hours. Wasn't that the show?

Lainey now walks Meow Meow on a leash around the house. Every day. Several times a day. Guessing Batman is next.

Evenings often look like this at the Starnes house. Usually, no one gets hurt. Some one's always crying......don't get me wrong......but typically, we're without injury.

Took the kids to the Great Mall of the Plains yesterday and we checked out the Firefighter Museum.

Driving the truck is pretty cool. And, if you can pull it off with stripey tights, it's even better.

Valentine's Day is over. Mardi Gras came and went. Lent has started and we're headed toward Easter. Decorations are up!

As soon as I put our bunny out, Lainey claimed her as her own. She now feeds her, dresses her and puts her down for nap each day.

And, again.....Jack is not growing a mustache. It's the winter chap he's so fond of.

To make the chap worse, we ventured outside to join Carter in a game of basketball.

But, quickly switched directions and headed toward the playground.

Back to the court. Jack joined in.

Lainey tried. "I too cold." OK, honey. We don't like to push her.

Sweet oldest child. 9 years old is such a good age. I'm starting to understand Shannon's reasoning.

Plans for the weekend? I think we're hitting the slopes again.

Hope you have a good one!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Pa's Quick Visit

Finally found the time to post some pictures from Pa's impromptu visit a couple of weeks ago.

We had dinner at Jazz, A Louisiana Kitchen. Here in the Midwest. It's possible.

Pa got a lesson on beads. Doesn't this look like a relaxing dinner for him?

Lainey was relentless.

And, Pa was as patient as ever. Thank goodness.

Meow Meow was adorned, too.

Pa and the boys.

Hello, lover. The crawfish. Not Pa. That would be weird.

Raw oysters, too!

Carter was unsure about this delicacy. And, eventually declined a taste. Next time, maybe. Notice him in his Saints Super Bowl t-shirt Aunt Mary sent him. He was so proud!

Little ones enjoyed the fish tank. We don't eat out much, so when we do, it's like Disneyland!

Bread pudding with rum sauce......where you can taste the rum. Good thing I was driving. I only had a bite.

Beignets. Yum.

Home for the evening and then Blake went to work early the next morning. Pa and I braved Union Station and the snow.

These can sculptures were on display in the lobby. Pretty cool. And, all for charity.

We ate lunch at Harvey's Diner. Lainey was her adorable self, as you can see.

On to the good stuff. Science city.

We were thrilled to share all of this with Pa since he and Mae Mae gave us the membership. Money well spent. Promise!

Telling secrets.

Lainey, of course, needed help crossing the bridge.

Carter rode the bike again!

A couple from the KC Rail Experience. Lainey drove the train.

Through the tunnel....

Back to Science City. Their favorite exhibit...

Water table!

We headed out into the snow and then off to the airport to return Pa to Texas. Saw a train going by and had to wave.

"Bye, train!"

It was fun to see the museum with Steve because I think he's always thought we were certifiably insane a little nutty for bringing young children to these venues. I'll never forget....when Carter was 2 years old.....he told me he was sure Carter had seen more in his 2 years than Blake had in his 27. Made me smile.

See you soon, Pa! Promise we'll hide the beads this time.