Friday, February 12, 2010

Balentine Scoop

Ceason forbid me to see Valentines Day (the movie) this evening by myself, so I'm at home with the fam. The standards she keeps...

Hoping my southern peeps are enjoying a taste of the good life with snow and hot cocoa and high calorie casseroles!

We're preparing for a day on the slopes tomorrow. Possibly our last of the season. Need to get the little punks doing more on their own. And, a more serious effort from our 2 year old daughter. Skiing is serious business, Laine. Get it together.

On to the scoop......

Kiddos attempted to get creative with nap time today. Good try, little ones.

We made our sugar cookies finally. Love this little punks' hands, hard at work.

Lainey Bug tried to eat the cookie cutters. Ohhhh-kaaaay.

Aunt Mary sent the kids $5 each with their cards this year. Quotes below on their reactions.

My Perlis crawfish necklace I've worn for years. Love it.

This is what the beginning of the Superbowl looked between requests for "Dowah" and "Dinosaur Train". Blake appears happy.

Not a whole lot of pictures this round. Oh, wait.

My picture of the week. It's getting tough, people. I took this one in the bathroom at Union Station. Jack was on a marathon potty trip, so I kept myself entertained.

This week's winner of "You Tell Me" was hands down, Blake, according to comments and my own kooky opinion.

"Mom - Put your shirt on! Were not on Bourbon St."

Very nice, honey. Full of class.

Random Quotes:

Jack - "Ugh. Not watching Barbie. It's too scawey."

Casey - "Wait, babe. Come here." (slyly checking to see if he has a bald spot)
Blake - "What? What did you see? What were you looking at? Is it what I think? What? Tell me."
Casey - "Nothing, babe. I thought I saw a glimpse. Your hair is lush and full of life. Calm the hell down."
Blake - (as he's walking out of the room) "Is that a varicose vein on your leg?"

Jack - "Fossils are dead. Dinosaurs go ROAR and then die." (Never told him this. Maybe those museum trips are paying off.)

Carter - "Yesssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cold hard cash."
Jack - "Wook, Mom! A museum!" (pointing at the bag of his $5 bill)
Lainey - blank stares and confusion.
****after opening valentines from Aunt Mary including money.

Blake - "Hey, Lainey. We're scooping out a maggoty dear carcass over here for dinner. Want some?"
Lainey - "Sure!"

That should just about do it. Hoping your weekend is full of love and happiness. If you're without a Valentine obligation, go on your own to see my movie and know I'm full of envy. Don't forget the popcorn. Extra butter.


Nicole said...

Friday Following you!! Very cute blog :)

You can visit my blog at

Momma to the A's said...

Love the quotes, so funny!

Sorry you didn't get to see your movie! I think I am going to go see it. Thanks to you we have started going to the movies solo once a week. We take turns going every Tuesday. My Tuesday is this coming week and I want to see it.

Your kiddos are so cute and I love the picture of their hands in the dough! Great shot!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Dee Stephens said...

love the Superbowl picture!

timmonstimes said...

The Super Bowl picture should be one of your "You Tell Me" pictures. I love it!

I think we are going to see Valentine's Day tonight...we haven't been to the movies since before Corinne was born. Yowsers!

Sara said...

You look so cute in hats, Case!

Love how the kiddos tried to nap on the table. Lainey even had her waffle for a little nap snack. The quotes are hilarious!

Can't wait to see that movie.

Jodee said...

Cute pictures of the punks! The quotes are a hoot!

Hope you have a Happy Valentine's Day!

Erin said...

Cute blog and very creative kids! Following you from Friday Follow.

Carrie Darney said...

Cute post! LVOE the quotes and LOVE LOVE your hat! SO cute!

Blake in the Super Bowl pic is priceless...

Jennifer said...

How about we do a kid exchange?? You take mine for a few days and I'll take yours. Your kiddos crack me up!! And I don't know what's like to have boys!!

I think we are going to Valentine's Day this weekend! Looking forward to it since the last movie we saw together was ab out two years ago!! Been awhile!

Merry Mack said...

I am so worried this movie is going to be bad. I heard a bad review and I just decided that person has too high of expectations for movies. How can it not be good? Cute pics. Cute quotes. Happy Heart Day!

Ceason said...

Notice Carter wearing one white sock and one black sock. Who dresses these kids?

Also notice that all but one of your friends said "WE are going to see that movie."

Kristen said...

Those quotes are too much!!!! Love it!!
And the picture of their hands making cookies is priceless...

Happy Balentines Day to you and the fam!!

Brittny said...

awesome quotes!!!! and i'd totally go see the movie with you. you know, if i lived up there and everything.

Kim said...

Thanks for brining a smile to my face with you post today, you are always good for that. I enjoyed your self portrait and the line of cold hard cash, I love it!

Happy Balentine's Day!

Gay Vaughan said...

Hi Casey,
Hope you have a wondeful day. I featured you today, come on over and join the Linky party!

FROGGITY! said...

the random quote section is PRICELESS!!!!

how was the movie? i am so curious about it! i may have to netflix it though. no way hubby's gonna go see it with me... haha

p.s. you are so cute taking a pic of yourself in the b-room!! haha

Shannie said...

Awwww! Your kids are just so darn cute. And so are you! Love all the pics. I love to get a glimpse into everyone's lives. So sweet. And the random quotes are awesome.

Happy v-tine's! Hope The Farm is having a rockin' Day of Love! XO

Iva Messy said...

Happy Valentine's Day!! ;)

The Lenzers said...

Glad to know my kids are not the only ones who like to nap in wierd places...the latest is the closet. But the kitchen table-that's pretty special. I will guess not much sleeping took place?!

Coco said...

Blake is losing his hair, I noticed that when I was there. Sad.

The self portrait is totally cute of you. Good job.

Love the quotes.

Cate O'Malley said...

Love the video of Lainey dancing - and the too-cute wipe-out!