Thursday, February 18, 2010

Pa's Quick Visit

Finally found the time to post some pictures from Pa's impromptu visit a couple of weeks ago.

We had dinner at Jazz, A Louisiana Kitchen. Here in the Midwest. It's possible.

Pa got a lesson on beads. Doesn't this look like a relaxing dinner for him?

Lainey was relentless.

And, Pa was as patient as ever. Thank goodness.

Meow Meow was adorned, too.

Pa and the boys.

Hello, lover. The crawfish. Not Pa. That would be weird.

Raw oysters, too!

Carter was unsure about this delicacy. And, eventually declined a taste. Next time, maybe. Notice him in his Saints Super Bowl t-shirt Aunt Mary sent him. He was so proud!

Little ones enjoyed the fish tank. We don't eat out much, so when we do, it's like Disneyland!

Bread pudding with rum sauce......where you can taste the rum. Good thing I was driving. I only had a bite.

Beignets. Yum.

Home for the evening and then Blake went to work early the next morning. Pa and I braved Union Station and the snow.

These can sculptures were on display in the lobby. Pretty cool. And, all for charity.

We ate lunch at Harvey's Diner. Lainey was her adorable self, as you can see.

On to the good stuff. Science city.

We were thrilled to share all of this with Pa since he and Mae Mae gave us the membership. Money well spent. Promise!

Telling secrets.

Lainey, of course, needed help crossing the bridge.

Carter rode the bike again!

A couple from the KC Rail Experience. Lainey drove the train.

Through the tunnel....

Back to Science City. Their favorite exhibit...

Water table!

We headed out into the snow and then off to the airport to return Pa to Texas. Saw a train going by and had to wave.

"Bye, train!"

It was fun to see the museum with Steve because I think he's always thought we were certifiably insane a little nutty for bringing young children to these venues. I'll never forget....when Carter was 2 years old.....he told me he was sure Carter had seen more in his 2 years than Blake had in his 27. Made me smile.

See you soon, Pa! Promise we'll hide the beads this time.


Coco said...

Be glad I was not there. Raw oysters and Pa? Bad combo for Coco!!

Love the b & w pic with them on the barstools. That is a keeper. Blow up and hang in your kitchen!

Cate O'Malley said...

Oh man, raw oysters. Haven't had them in ages, but do love them!

Shannon said...

Raw oysters - can't do.

Since the kids like that one exhibit so much, you should check into the Quercetti brand of toys. They have sets like that you can have at home. We've had a couple.

Sara said...

Ugh Coco - please. It's too early to make me vomit. No offense, Paul.

I love Union Station. I swear I want to hop a flight to KC every time you post pics. Looks like so much fun!! Love all of the pics. Paul is such a good sport. And the kids have so much fun with him. Carter's getting to be a regular pro at that bike thing. Fun times!!

Leiah said...

That B&W of them on the barstools is absolutely fantastic. Agree - needs to be enlarged, matted and framed! Very Ansel Adams. I can't believe you had crawfish so early in the season. We're just starting to get them here in LA. Beignets...ah. I love making them on Sunday afternoons to enjoy with a big mug of cafe au lait while sitting out on my back deck.

The Soladay Family said...

Love raw oysters! Ryan and I are big fans, and I especially love his secret sauce he makes when we eat them!

I agree with Coco on that pic! I was going to say how great it is too!

Pa is quite possibly the most patient grandpa EVER! I can't get over how much Jack and Carter look like him!

Kristen said...

That picture of them all on the stools is incredible....
They are lucky to have such a wonderful "Pa." He reminds me a lot of my Grandpa... who I miss so much. He was always soft spoken and quiet, but had all of the time in the world for his grandkids. Just like Lainey adorning him with beads... my Grandpa would have sat through anything, and loved every second of it, if it meant he got to be with us.

Looks like many great memories were made... precious.

Tutus and Choo-Choos said...

Grandparents can tolerate anything when it comes to their grandchildren, but why couldn't they be tolerate when they were just parents?

Love the pictures! We may have to take a trip with the kiddies to KC for vacation!

donatelli98 said...

Such great memories for all of you! Love the pictures!

SASS said...

Coco, seriously.

I can't tell you how much I LOVE seeing you guys in places we've visited so often! Both girls are too scared of that bike, but I did it without reading the weight limit. Embarrassed much? Yeah.
We are sussessed with Jazz. Tony and I get carry out at least once a month. I've never had their dessert. I'll have to try it when I want to get drunk and fat simultaneously.
Enjoyed all the pics, too. KC loves PA!

The Luis Family said...

How awesome that Pa came in for a quick visit! I think that means so much when grandchildren get to see their grandparents often... and have fun with them to boot!

Precious pictures of the kiddos!!

Rebekah Williams said...

My parents talk of their great beignet consumption when they lived in New Orleans.

What a great time with Pa. Your kids have such full lives!

If the shoe FITZ said...

That good looked delicious!
Ya'll were hungry! ;)

The Jones Family said...

I think I just threw up a little in my mouth the lunch I JUST had with Pa/Papi, Coco... YUCK!

Barstools pic is a for sure keeper! Precious!

Shannon said...

When did Pa become Paul and why does that crack me up so much?

merrilee said...

That last picture is priceless! Love the one on the barstools, too. You are one of the most adventurous moms I know and I admire your courage. In one of those pictures you can see a SERIUOS resemblance between Pa and Carter--I never noticed that before.

starnes family said...

Sara (whom I never knew until blogland) met "Pa" at a Dallas Cowboys game in the fall...she's good friends with Starnes family friends. Worlds colliding.

She then sent me a message on Facebook telling me she hung out with "Paul" all night. I corrected her, but Paul stuck.

It is funny, Shannon.

The Lenzers said...

thought you and blake were building beer can pyramids. love the b/w pics and pa visits are great

The Rand's said...

I can't believe you eat that stuff! Yuck!

Glad Pa's visit was fun. He's so good with his grandkids!

Agree about the b/w pic of the three kids. Great one. And Jack looks so big in the one with Pa waving to the train. Love his sweet little hat.

Anonymous said...

Can't to have grandkids someday. Your's are so adorable. Enjoy.

Anonymous said...

that b/w with the kids on the barstools is so lovely. i might even hang it in my house if people wouldn't as me why i had a picture of three random white children hanging on the wall.

Merry Mack said...

Oh cuteness! Love the pics and I need that food. All of it, minus the bread pudding (not a fan).

Jodee said...

Your FIL rocks! What a patient guy!

I also love the black and white diner picture!

You guys are always out and about! Cute pictures!

Becca Jane said...

Okay, so I'm packing my fam up and coming! Cam would have SO much fun there, I don't even know what he'd do with himself!!!!!

Joe @ 20 to Life said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE that shot of Lainey after the "Mr. Potato Head" sculpture, she looks soooo mischevious and adorable!! Everyone looks like they had a fabulous time, and I hope I'm as patient when I have grandkids, lol

Life in Beverly Hills said...

You are in big trouble with Lainey when she gets older and really wants to play with the beads!!! Love the pics, looks like a wonderful visit. Hubby would be so jealous of the crawfish. He LOVES them.

~SHANNON~ said...

What a great grandpa!!!

I found your blog through Friday Follow- and I'm so glad I did! Hope lot's of new people find you as well!

I'm your newest follower- I'd love if you'd come check out my blog!

Shannon at:

Rebecca D said...

I found you through Friday Follow... Nice to meet you... now I'm a follower too!

Anonymous said...

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