Monday, December 31, 2007

Another New Year's Rockin' Eve At The Starnes House

Clearly, I am no where near a fabulous New Year's Eve Party, dressed to kill with champagne glass in hand. Instead, I am at home with 3 kids, in PJ's, 2 kids in bed and Carter and I are headed in the same direction!

And, you know what? It feels pretty good.

Blake is on his way down the street to a party with neighborhood friends, so I stayed back with the children. We've been out all day running errands and enjoying some coming home to sit on the couch tonight sounded great.

A few pictures from our crazy night.

Carter eating our "party food" as he calls it.

With Jack in front of the last remnant of Christmas....our bare be taken down tomorrow. Amen!

The boys.

Jack stranded in the push-and-go buggy he got from Santa.

Giving Lainey a kiss.

"Didn't we talk about allowing him so close to me?"

Jack was very kissy tonight.

And, he was loving his Thomas Train.

Finally, Carter takes the handle and pushes Jack through the house at speeds well over the recommended limit.

I'm sure this is discouraged as well.

Hoping you all have a wonderful New Year's Eve and a restful day watching football tomorrow.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

The Galleria

Our trip to Dallas also included a visit to The Galleria for ice skating, shopping and lunch. Friends stopped by to see us and it was a great time.

One glitch, application for "mother of the year" was once again revoked when Cortney and I were upstairs watching the kids play on the indoor playground. We were busy chatting away....Blake was outside of the play area watching Lainey. All of the sudden, I notice a woman walking holding Jack. Interesting....I don't know her....maybe he fell down or something. So, I jump up and run over there, only to hear these words:

"I found him by the escalator."


The ice rink.

Lunch at Mi Cocina.

Cortney, Sydney and Halle.

Lindi (Britney's step daughter) with Trysten and Pa with Carter.

Ice skating time!

Jen came to meet Lainey and to see the boys.

Carter on the ice.

Lindi helping Trysten.

Me and Jen...missing her these days!

Later on that day....too much shopping.

And, too much spending.

Carter and Jen.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

One Of My Favorites

Not just the picture....Caroline, too. She is such a blessing to us!

Breakfast In Bed

Dad got to sleep in today. He turned 33 years old and I think he's earned it.

We woke him around 9:00 with breakfast tacos, attempting to mimic the famous Santiago's here in town. Didn't quite make it, but we tried.

Carter gave Lainey the flower from the breakfast plate. We're all about presentation around here.

Jack hugging Dad and Lainey.

And, then trying to help feed the baby.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Drumroll Please

Lainey rolled over today! It's big news around here.

Getting started.

Trying hard and getting frustrated!

Back over to play with Daddy.

She finally did it!

Those cheeks seem to get bigger by the minute.

Night at Britney's House

During our trip to Dallas, Britney and family hosted a little get together at their house to celebrate the upcoming wedding and for us to visit with family and friends.

Alisha and Lainey. She is SO good with babies!

Bryan and Blake.

The trio - friends since birth - Trysten, Carter, and Haylee.

Gracie loving on Lainey.

Lainey and new arrival, Ellery.

Kristen and her darling baby girl.

Carter and his favorite Donald Duck impersonater, Pop.

Time to open gifts...

Carter had lost a tooth just before our trip and with a little help from his cousin, he lost another while in Dallas. Then, he really did sing, "All I Want For Christmas Is My 2 Front Teeth."

The new family....Mark, Trysten, and Britney. Lindi was there, too, but I failed to get a picture of her.

Guitar time with Pa.