Tuesday, December 04, 2007

It Was Over Before It Started

I hung 3 Advent calendars on the refrigerator....one for each child....on December 1st. Within minutes, Jack ripped Lainey's down.

I just watched and laughed at him.

Before he could destroy the remainder, I grabbed the crayons and encouraged him to color his own. We will likely have a rainbow clad refrigerator before this whole thing is over with, but that just might have happened anyway.

Jack is a little terror these days. It's all accidental and typical of his age, but his liabilities are adding up. So far, in the past week, he's broken 5 ornaments, a nutcracker, the coffee maker, and the cover to a Christmas book. All of these incidents were quickly followed with an "Uh Oh!!!" which makes it nearly impossible to be mad at him.

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