Thursday, December 27, 2007

Northpark Mall

OK.....back to our trip to Dallas.

We landed late Wednesday night. Arrived at Caroline's new house and stayed up too late talking....just so good to see her and Ryan....but finally went to bed. We woke early the next morning (kids don't know how to sleep in). Blake went to Northpark to get tickets for us to see the famous Santa there.

They have quite an operation going. Seems as though we are not the only ones in Dallas that love this man. They start handing out tickets at 9:00am. People line up as early as 7:00 to get a ticket. Then, Santa does not even start seeing kids until noon! It's all worth it, though.

So, Blake got tickets for our family and the Griffins. We met them in the parking lot and started our day. Not thinking the whole process through....we sat down and waited for Santa for almost 2 hours....Cortney and I were just chatting running wild...when we could have been shopping....and then right before it was time for us to be seen, Santa took a lunch break. Santa has to eat?!!! The audacity.

So, Steve saved us with a nice lunch nearby. Brad came, too. On to Santa shortly after. Many pictures....

Waiting to see "Scrooge". Here I am with my 3 kids and Cortney with Halle (3.5 years old) and Sydney (7 months old).

Precious Halle, looking so much like Little Cindy Lou Who from The Grinch.

Lainey being good as always.


Carter with this eccentric volunteer for the Salvation Army.

Syndey trying to play with Lainey.

Brad and Carter.

Cortney and her girls.

The girls.

Blake and Sydney (looking so much like her daddy).

Pa and the Starnes kiddos.

Oh, so tempting. This is the exit after you see Santa. Jack made a run for it at one point, but was caught quickly.

Kids getting restless.

Halle and Carter, still buddies, even with long distance between them.

The Griffin girls are on deck to see Santa.

So precious!

And, now our turn...Carter goes first to tell Santa what each child wants.

One of the many attempts.

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