Saturday, December 08, 2007

Snow Day

We've had a lot of snow this weekend and it's always fun at this time of year. At night, the streets glow with Christmas lights and snow falling and it's almost too beautiful to be true.

Carter went out with friends earlier in the day and just before dark, Blake took Jack out. He loves it as much as his big brother.

Our snow baby.

Technical difficulties with the hat.

Jack slipped on the ice here.

And, couldn't get up, so Carter helped him off the icy side walk and into the yard.

Here's Blake in his cute new hat I got him for Christmas.

So happy outside!

Time to go in now... More snow expected tomorrow until about noon. Forecast here.

We were supposed to attend the Brighton Parade of Lights tonight, but it was so cold, we stayed in. We are actually getting accustomed to the cold, but when it's snowing, it's too difficult to keep the babies warm.

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