Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas Eve

I'm posting a bit out of order here, but we'll be updated soon enough.

Christmas Eve night....

The kids before the 4:00 Children's Mass at our church.

And, Dad.

Another tree-topper strategically above my head. I'm getting good at this.

Carter and I went in to save seats well before mass started. A quick picture of him before going in.

Back home...a photo of Lainey's darling bloomers given to us as a baby gift.

As children raised with many holiday traditions, it was important to us to set them for our own kids. We borrowed some from our parents and created additional ones, too. Here is Blake reading "The Night Before Christmas", a version given to us at our first Christmas - when Carter was only a month old - by Pa.

Lainey hangs out on the floor listening and cooing.

Jack returns after fleeing the reading for a quick peak....annoys Carter....and flees again.

The boys checking out baby sister.

Carter adoring her as always.

Blake brought up the train set we bought for Carter at age 2. Can you guess how much Jack loved it?

Checking Santa's progress. At this point, he had covered most of the globe and this made us nervous....time to start preparing for his visit.

First, we went outside to look for a sign of his sleigh in the sky. A red light is always a good clue.

Here's Carter sprinkling reindeer food on the lawn.

And, Jack helps prepare the plate. (Green beans for the reindeer because we didn't have carrots!)

Carter places the Santa plate carefully near the tree and off to bed. Shortly after we tucked him in, we heard Santa and the reindeers loudly land on the roof! I ran out of the room and Carter fell fast asleep. Pure magic.

The kids woke to find Stephan, the elf, gone from the house. He had returned to the North Pole to help Santa deliver toys. We won't see him again until sometime around Thanksgiving 2008, when he appears again!

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