Monday, December 17, 2007

More From Beaver Creek

Pictures from our trip last week.

The kids' section now features an actual gondola, rather than a chair lift. It's nice to ride in, however, the kids don't learn how to get off of the lift...which makes for another learning experience down the road.

Carter on the gondola.

Here he is coming down the mountain.

Blake rode up with him twice to help him learn. Walking down the mountain proved to be quite a workout!

The boys....

Our snowboarder.

Carter played the big horn in the village on our second day there.

Family picture.

Jack being Jack.....

Blake and Carter boarding together.

Nap time.

Carter spent half of the second day with his snowboarding class. We saw them in a lift line and they invited him to go with them. No complaints here! Here is his class.

Jack in the village.

Lainey inside the carrier.

I finally got to go up on my own for some runs.

Beautiful Colorado. If you have not seen the world from the top of the Rocky Mountains - be it at any resort - I highly recommend it.

My open, easy run!

Back at Ford Hall....Jack being silly.

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