Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Why, you ask?

Because I had boys for 6.5 years and then finally had a girl.

Besides, you can eat breakfast in a tutu.

And, walk all around the house. Just put your arms out a bit because it feels weird at first.

You can take your baby on a walk.

And, even climb stairs. (Yes, that is a run-away stroller in the left side of the picture. A fun new thing to do! Roll strollers to the first floor!)

Obviously, we need a focus for all these days off and nothing to do. But, I couldn't resist buying it on sale at Gymboree. She may just wear it for Halloween. When it's appropriate!

I brought her downstairs this morning while the boys were eating their eggs and toast. Carter, being the always-doting brother ran to her, chanting his usual baby talk, "Baby Laine! Look what a punkin you are! Sweetest girl! Sweetest girl!" He overwhelms me sometimes. Such genuine love.

Jack saw her and screamed.

And, believe it or not, all of that makes perfect sense in this house.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Mom And Son Ski Day

Carter and I took a day out of Christmas Break to ski and ride at Winter Park. It's in an entirely different area of the Rockies, compared to where we normally ski. A bit closer to Denver and people who go there seem very loyal to it.

Since moving here, we've been Colorado Pass holders, which allowed us access to Vail, Beaver Creek (our favorite), Breckenridge, Keystone and Arapahoe Basin. We went to each many times and so now, without the pass, we're venturing out to other resorts. By the time we move, we will have skied at just about every option here and many, several times. Love the mountains. Love to ski!

Winter Park is nice, but flat in many areas, which makes it tough to get through when you don't know the runs well.

First ride up.....look at that fresh snow still showing lines from grooming. Lovely.

Off the Zephyr Express and ready to go. Nice place to stop for breakfast.

Something I have not seen elsewhere.....warming huts.....stocked with a vending machine, tissues, tools for tuning your gear, and other little amenities for a quick stop on the mountain. It was COLD that day.....the coldest I've skied in.....so we stopped twice to warm up.

Mae Mae, notice his bandana! He was so proud to fit in with the older boys riding.

Fun in the tunnel.

Finally, some visibility.

Snow plows in lots of places.

Moguls.....not my thing. Basically, because I'm no good at them. :)

My little nature lover.

Looking tough. His skills have come so far in the 2.5 short years we've been here. Carter skied the first year we were here. Most people we asked suggested starting him on skies because once they learn to ride.....skiing holds little interest. Proved to be true. Year 2 brought snowboarding and he hasn't looked a ski since. "Snowboarding is so much cooler, Mom."

Snowcat....carrying people around the mountain. Sign us up!

Wipeout. 8 year olds love to fall.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

My Brother, Chris

On a layover a few weeks ago....the kids with Chris at DIA. And, they were in full-on crazy mode....more so than usual....which is always perfectly timed when I'm trying to look like a good mother. :)

Thankfully, Carter rounded out the group by praying during the picture. Huh?

Wish this picture wasn't so fuzzy. We have so few together!

Ski Day

Friday, December 26, 2008

Lots Of Christmas Crammed Into One Post

The sum of several days of Christmas bliss....

Jack, always helping in the kitchen.

Caroline's Gumdrop Tree.

Gingerbread decorating.

So fun with Jack doing so much this year.

The fam before 4:00pm Christmas Eve mass.

Back home. Seriously, Lainey?

And, would it be too much to ask for one picture of you in front of the tree?

Cutie Blake.

A special early Christmas present before bedtime.

A rare picture of Mom and Dad.

Still loving that dress.

My little chef, Jack, helping make GMom's chocolate sheet cake. Turned out pretty good, but next time, I'll bake for a shorter time.

Checking Norad Santa.

Here, he's in Rio de Janeiro. Had already covered the Eastern Hemisphere. Getting close!

Time to make reindeer food.

The boys spreading it on the lawn.

Precious Carter read The Night Before Christmas for the second year in a row.

My boys.

Treats for Santa! And, Clementines for the reindeer.


No carrots or celery in the house. We improvised.

Fast forward 10 hours. Christmas morning!

Paying respect to our future team.

Oh, Lainey. You are a brave girl.

Our 4th bedroom was cleared out for the toddler dream kitchen, born from several rationals. 1. to nurture Jack's love of cooking (and to buy it while he's still interested in such), 2. all little girls that I know of love a play kitchen, 3. Pottery Barn Kids created the most darling chocolate/stainless set and we temporarily lost our minds.

It's a hit already.

Jack working hard using chopsticks from his sushi set. Yep, I'm that crazy.

Kisses from Batman.

Still more toys to go through. Why are there no ornaments on the bottom half of our tree?