Friday, December 26, 2008

Post Christmas Reflections

2008 was quite interesting for this family and Christmas did not disappoint. The picture above could easily sum up the holiday.....everyone a little (or lot) with the flu and ear infections....the little ones with viruses.....Jack glued to me like never before....Lainey loving on her Daddy....and Carter nowhere to be seen because he was outside riding his new Asphalt Fusion or Rip Stick.

And, now, before most have even fully appreciated their gifts.....Christmas is gone for this group. House showing at 2:00......skiing tomorrow....and Daddy leaves on Sunday. So, it was now or never (or me taking down 2 trees and countless decorations on my own - no thanks!).

Although I don't mind the tree up until New Years Eve, most years we end up taking it down earlier. My compulsive nature allows me to LOVE Christmas and celebrate every hour of every day until the big day.....but then after, I'm happy to see it gone.

Besides, Valentine's Day is in 50 days. There are cookies to be baked and cards to be made and love notes to be written. Didn't you know?


Coco said...

I love the picture of Jack in your arms. Him being still? Priceless.

michelle matthews said...

This is a beautiful picture. I hope you all are feeling better. I can't believe you have the flu and ear infections! I am so sorry!

merrilee said...

This is my favorite picture EVER--LOVE it!!! So precious. . . .you look GORGEOUS!!!

Shannon said...

Ditto what merrilee said. Gorgeous.

starnes family said...

Thanks, girls! I needed that!