Thursday, December 18, 2008

First Date

Lots to post from our big day at Northpark.....seeing Santa and visiting with family and friends. Will hopefully get to that tonight.

Love this pic, though, of "Online Courtney", as our family calls her. After our blogging friendship started months ago, we finally spoke on the phone and met in person while we were in town. And, get this - she's totally normal! We've been teased endlessly by husbands and friends for forming such a close friendship based on information we found on a blog. But, it's worked for us and I'm thrilled to know her! Maybe I should start an online-eharmony-type hook up for bloggers? Hmmmm.....wheels are turning.


Coco said...

OH we totally should. I can just see the commercials now.
We will be famous!!!

If the shoe FITZ said...

Nice hair Courtney! ;)