Sunday, December 07, 2008

Union Station

Still posting from our trip to Kansas City a couple of weeks ago. I'll be updated soon enough!

We took a drive over to Union Station and it was quite an experience for us all, but Jack more than anyone.

Decked out in holiday decor and lots of model trains on display.

Funky trees throughout the main floor.

Look closely....this one has a village on different levels of the tree.

We could have left Jack there and returned hours find him in the same spot.

The architecture and details inside are beautiful.

Walking out to the passenger bridge to see some real trains.

Another spot he could have stood in forever.

Home....soon hopefully!

I hadn't thought it all through, but realized that we are moving to the leading rail center of the United States. You know what that means? Plenty of trains and pure joy for Jack.


Shannon said...

I love Union Station on a normal day let alone with all of those awesome trees and train displays. How fun for Jack. Did you have time to do the children's museum there also?

starnes family said...

The Science Place was closed. Can't wait to go when we are living there! Looks really cool.