Monday, December 01, 2008

Skiing At Beaver Creek

After a few years of skiing and trying most of the big (and small) Colorado resorts, we have concluded that Beaver Creek is the best there is. Yes, even better than our (gasp!) beloved Aspen. And, we love it Aspen....but with good skiing just over 2 hours away, rather than 4, we'll take it.

My description cannot accurately represent how good this resort is. Check it out here. It is what all ski resorts should be. Beautiful setting, great terrain, fantastic service.

Approaching Avon, Colorado.

The hill leading up. Love this part.

Funny that I took this pic because the very next day, we saw a fox standing on the side of the road. I was telling Blake that morning that I thought Colorado owed us a moose sighting. Nothing spectacular....just a glimpse. Got a fox instead. He was a cutie, though....perched like a dog, sitting on the side of the road, as if saying, "Ok, here you go. Take a good look."

First view of the runs from the road in.

Our usual protocol.....Blake drops us off and we bundle up the kids.....I take them into the village while he parks the car. We are a sight in the double stroller loaded with gear.

Kiddos eating warm, fresh baked cookies. The staff comes out with white chef outfits on, embroidered with "Cookie Time", carrying silver platters stacked high with delicious cookies. Our kids are never shy to ask for seconds. Blake is fine with it, too.

Waiting for Daddy.

The lovely ice rink.

Our little Santa.

While Blake and Carter take the first part of the morning to ski, I walk the town with the little ones. Plenty of time to enjoy the shopping and to see all the sights. This fountain is always a favorite and somehow I've never had to pull a kid out of it. That would be COLD.

Our precious boys.

On the mountain.

The town below.

Every now and then I see a picture like this and can't believe our baby is so big.

With the Beaver Creek mascot.

Friday was a big day. Gingerbread house contest......tree lighting.....Santa's arrival and fireworks.

Back to market square for the big events that evening.

Dinner at Blue Moose Pizza nearby.

Waiting for Santa.

Fireworks! So beautiful in the snow filled village.

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