Sunday, December 21, 2008

Starnes Christmas

Still catching up from our trip last week to Dallas. Trying to go in order, so here we are on Saturday afternoon at Britney's house for our Starnes Christmas.

Lindi, Britney's step-daughter, was there for a bit before heading out to a big play at the community theater. We kept her there just long enough for a kids' picture.

The boys.

Time to open presents. Bakugan all around! Still not sure what they are.

Rip Stiks, too. Carter hasn't put his down since receiving it. Even tries to ride it in the snow.

Terri searched Amazon for Bakugan, as most stores are out of them. Scored with the 4 she found!

Who loves baby dolls?!

Lots of trains for Jack.

Pace yourself, Laine.

Love this picture. Jack tries so hard to be one of the guys.

Steve, Blake, Britney and Brad.

Britney and me.


Shannon said...

In that first picture, Lainey looks like a little elf perched on Carter's shoulder.

I have no idea what Bakugan is either and I've got a child in the same age range. Seriously doubt I'll ever have to know.

Why is Lainey drinking Progresso soup? :)

You and Britney are hot mamas!

starnes family said...

OMG. She does look like an elf!

michelle matthews said...

Great pics! What a fun time! That cabbage patch doll brings back memories!