Monday, December 01, 2008

The Dress

Several months ago, I awarded a girl named Courtney - whom I had never met - a blogger award. Happened upon her blog from another and was immediately struck by her candid writing and hilarious nature. We became friends and have kept in touch daily; more than a lot of my closest friends here in town!

There is an on-going joke between the two of us that you just never know who is behind that computer, that blog, that email...but luckily I have first hand witness to her being real - and a woman - and indeed a mom of her crazy kids she writes so eloquently about. My close friend from LSU knows her, oddly enough, and they live in adjacent towns. I had no idea...but randomly asked her because I felt that they should be friends if they were not already. The moral of the story? It is INDEED a small world we live in here on earth.

We plan to meet up while I visit Dallas in a couple of weeks and I am super excited about that. And, the reason I'm posting.....check out the cutest dress ever she just sent me for Lainey. Love it!

Her daughter, Tessie Mayes, has a similar one and it can be seen on the main pics of her blog....her kids are the ones from a few posts back that take great pictures together. Unlike mine.

OK, the dress.

The lining!

And, it must be noted that the design of these dresses all originated from Lainey's birthday dress and Halloween dress given to her by Mae Mae (Terri). Hers were purchased on-line at (one of my favorites) and Courtney took the idea and made it her own. Precious.


Coco said...

You are so sweet!!!!!

Anonymous said...

What a darling dress!! So sweet of Coco! I too check her blog daily...I think you sent it to me!!

FROGGITY! said...


FROGGITY! said...

oh, oops... i saw the dress and commented and then went back to read the story! such a cool thing and a small world! :)