Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Books

When Carter was a baby, Caroline gave me a really cute felt-covered photo album that just screamed "Christmas" to me. I decided to dedicate it solely to our Christmas photos, including a few dozen per year.

It was a random thought, but I'm so glad I followed it. I keep regular photo albums, too, of pictures throughout the years. However, during the holidays, we wouldn't see these old Christmas pictures, otherwise, because we would never go in search of them, hidden inside volumes and volumes of regular ones.

In our 9th Christmas now, we've moved on to a second album and I'm sure there will be plenty more in our future. It's so fun to look back to our first Christmas with Carter as a tiny newborn. Years follow with him handing out presents for the first time at my parents' house....visits to Holiday in the Park.....jumping on the bounce house at Pa and Mae Mae's.....through our first apartment, the first house we built, Castle Rock, Colorado and our current home. And, next year....Kansas City.

After hauling this book to Texas to share with family.....stuffed with our Christmas cards and Santa pictures.....it occurred to me to provide the same books for such treasures.

So, was born the Christmas card book.

A simple scrapbook from Michaels, with pocket pages large enough to fit, now house the cards.

And, one for Santa pictures, too! Each of these books cost around $9. I dedicated an entire book for each photo collection because we have at least another 10 years of Santa pictures and countless Christmas cards as well. I plan on returning to Michaels to purchase cute labels to clearly define each page.....with the year, location of the photo, and the age of the children.

And, do you know why this is so important? Because we're 9 years into this marriage and already cannot accurately label the two pictures below of Carter with Santa. One is 2003 and the other, 2004. Save yourself the confusion and start your books, too!


Coco said...

Love these ideas. All of our Santa pics have a wall dedicated to them in the playroom, just to laugh at all year round.
Christmas morning pics get a special frame each year and get set out on the buffet. So pretty.
And my Christmas cards have an album, and I save everyone else's as well.
We are the dorkiest people I know!

FROGGITY! said...


michelle matthews said...

I love this idea! I am going to start it! Thanks!
I just read your other blog for the first time and it made me tear up. Wow....I had no idea y'all were going through all of that. You are one inspiring strong woman! Way to go!