Wednesday, December 03, 2008


Best thing about turning 8 years old?

No more booster seat. According to Carter. He's been such a good sport about it and we have not wavered....and finally, he's carseat-free!

And, now, we battle the discussion of why his friends sit in the front seat and not him. In his usual sarcastic way (not sure where he gets it), he asked if he could sit in the front seat before he goes away to college.



Moni said...

Tell him he can ride in the front seat when he is actually driving the car :)

starnes family said...

I love it! I'll try that.

Is that what Lindsay does with Ashton?

Shannon said...

We were pretty strict on the front seat rule as well. Explain airbags and how they can hurt. Blake's much more timid than Carter but he's terrified of the front seat due to the possibility of air bags hurting him.

Anonymous said...

He can ride in the front seat of Mae Mae's car!!

starnes family said...

No, he can't! Ask Pa. I think Blake just gave him that lecture while he was in town. :)