Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Gift Ideas

For those of you browsing last minute items, be sure to check out Sky Mall. This link narrows down the top 10 best of all time. I must agree with a few. And, I would add a few. And, I really want that umbrella.

My additions:

Edge cake pan. Umh....in this family, we fight for those pieces NOT on the edge. Who wants this?

6 Speed Toilet Plunger. Not sure where to start. I didn't know they had speeds. Didn't know they needed them. Wondering if I can get this beauty engraved before shipping?

And, my new favorite.....the Hidden Litter Box. And, here I thought the sound of a cat going potty or the odor following might be our biggest problem. Nope! Just disguise it as a house plant and you won't notice a thing. Seriously.


FROGGITY! said...

your background snows!!! cute!

yeah, not a fan of cake edges either... what in the world?

Malinda said...

I love the hard edges of brownies, so I can see the use of that pan. I guess I am in that 1% that might buy something like that. Well, that is if I actually cooked anything.