Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Why, you ask?

Because I had boys for 6.5 years and then finally had a girl.

Besides, you can eat breakfast in a tutu.

And, walk all around the house. Just put your arms out a bit because it feels weird at first.

You can take your baby on a walk.

And, even climb stairs. (Yes, that is a run-away stroller in the left side of the picture. A fun new thing to do! Roll strollers to the first floor!)

Obviously, we need a focus for all these days off and nothing to do. But, I couldn't resist buying it on sale at Gymboree. She may just wear it for Halloween. When it's appropriate!

I brought her downstairs this morning while the boys were eating their eggs and toast. Carter, being the always-doting brother ran to her, chanting his usual baby talk, "Baby Laine! Look what a punkin you are! Sweetest girl! Sweetest girl!" He overwhelms me sometimes. Such genuine love.

Jack saw her and screamed.

And, believe it or not, all of that makes perfect sense in this house.


Shannon said...

Why reserve it just for Halloween? I think Payton looked like that (her own choice) for the first 7 years of her life. Now that she's adult-sized, we get her stuff from Goodwill in the form of old prom dresses. It's fun to play dress-up any old time. :)

If the shoe FITZ said...

So cute! I was hoping you would post pics!

Coco said...

That will not be just for Halloween! No ma'am. Miss Lainey will be wearing this all the time. It will be her signature look.

michelle matthews said...

PRECIOUS! She is a doll! I love tutus! I just need a little girl to put them on!
What a sweetie that Carter is! Angel!

The Soladay Family said...

So sad that I will never be able to experience buying a tutu for a little ballerina...Perhaps I'll get one for Shelby....my dog....No, she'd just chew it up...I guess I'll vicariously live through you!

donatelli98 said...

So Cute - if Lainey is into tutus they have adorable ones at hannahstutus.com. I ordered some for my girls and they wore them for Halloween and now love to wear them to dress up. You can see them on my facebook page.

Happy New Year!