Saturday, December 20, 2008

Baby Girl

I try not to write too much about how beautiful we think our children are because it's pretty much wasted effort. Who doesn't think their kids are gorgeous? The truth of the matter is, we could have the ugliest children on the planet and we would never know it. But, every now and then, I come across a picture that strikes me as absolutely precious and this is one of them.

And, please believe me....I'm not taking credit. As my good friend, Amelia, so eloquently suggests, "She doesn't look a thing like either one of you!" Thanks.

So, we still don't know who she resembles. Lately people have suggested she's a Starnes which would lend futher in favor of her, indeed, being as beautiful as we think because the Starnes beauty gene is a strong one. I mean, just look at my darling husband. :)