Friday, December 19, 2008

Northpark Visit

OK.....Northpark. We visit Santa each year here, even from Colorado, as he's our favorite in the world. And, as most of you know, he was Blake's and my Santa when we were kids. Same guy. Amazing story. Check it out here.

Punkin Laine in her super cute dress given to us by Courtney.

And, did you know that there is always a choo choo track to be found? No matter where you are!

Courtney's daughter, Tessie Mayes, meets Lainey.

Such a good girl. Sat in her stroller while Mom shopped and just took it all in!

Lainey waits for Santa.

Blake corralled both girls at one point while waiting.

Starnes kids on stage. Interesting as always.

Carter spoke to Santa after and filled him in on his wish (Asphalt Fusion - a skateboard type thing) and for the little ones (the chocolate/stainless "dream kitchen", as we've come to call it from Pottery Barn Kids).

Snapped a couple of quick pics of the Rand girls....posed and always put together. Precious.

My good friend, Monica, came to visit and helped with the kids at various points. Here she is with Tess and Bram. I wish so much I had gotten a better picture of Bram because he's so cute and reminds me a lot of Carter at his age. All boy. So fun.

Everyone met for a big lunch after....friends and family all mixed was a really good time.

Monica and her mother, Connie.

Courtney, me and Jen (another blogger and close friend of mine for many years).

We made it out of there with fairly successful Santa pictures, a great time with everyone, a little shopping.....all despite it being super crazy Northpark 2 weeks before Christmas!


FROGGITY! said...

awesome! everyone looks festive. LOVE the santa pics... so dang funny!

Moni said...

I love the look on my face as I am watching Bram slide out of the stroller....I think this is after I let him begin taking it apart! Sorry Courtney!

Moni said...

OMG...I just looked at that pic with me and my mom and I look like I weigh 400 lbs in that wrap sweater....note to self--never wear it again!

starnes family said...

It's official. You're totally insane, Monica.

Coco said...

Yes Monica, you are totally crazy about the sweater.

And you are totallly trying to negotiate here with Bram. I think Casey and I were watching you and laughing at this point. Watching it all unravel.....

Coco said...

and I look 6 months pregnant in tha last picture

Moni said...

Glad I could entertain you guys with the stroller action...always try to bring laughter everywhere I go!

michelle matthews said...

Your kids are just TOO PRECIOUS! They are adorable! Those outfits are so cute. I can't believe you adn Courtney had the same little girl outfits. Too cute!
Luke has those plaid pants! I love them! He will have them on at Christmas and he wore them to his MDO party.