Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Animal Tracks

I love living in Colorado because of the wildlife that actually lives in and around our suburbs. We see lots of deer en route to the airport and across the highway. Bunnies are everywhere and we've seen our fair share of snakes, too. Not exactly the best pair of animals to be sharing space, but they all seem to manage. During the warmer months, you can hear coyotes wandering our streets screeching their curious, high pitched squeals, sounding super creepy and like something out of a movie. Foxes are near, but further west and closer to the mountains.

And, prairie dogs. THE PRAIRIE DOGS. There must be millions. No joke.

I was thrilled to see deer signs in Kansas while visiting and even more so in hilly Missouri where we hope to settle. Makes long drives a bit more exciting with the hopes of passing by a critter or two.

Each time the snow falls, we are given a clean slate and more often than not, we're left with tracks. Always fun to bring the kids over to see just who might have left them. We think up all sorts of wild possibilities. These are from our bunny, but we've seen some interesting ones over the past couple of years.

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