Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Florida Day 2.5 + 3

We headed to the Happy Harbor for our Sunset Cruise to see dophins and enjoy the views.

Jack was most excited about the sodas on board.

We saw a ton of dolphins......probably more than any other cruise over the years..........it was awesome.  They were everywhere!

Afterwards, we had dinner at waterfront Tacky Jack's.  Seemed fitting.

Sat near the band.  Very nice guys.

Off to bed and then up for a pool day.  Our first day not to touch the sand since we landed in Florida.

Our hotel is on the beach and it's very tempting to go out, but we managed to spend the whole day at the pool.  

Lainey got familiar with the snack bar quickly and ordered her own food/drinks by reporting our room number.  Later, the bar tender told me she bought the bar a round of drinks.

Wouldn't be surprised.

It started raining mid-day, so we returned to our room and prepared for dinner. 

Went to Jimmy Buffett's sister's place called Lulu's.  Super fun and plenty to do during the 1.75 hour wait.

The food was totally yummy.

Crab legs.


I miss southern food.

Headed home this evening! 

I'll be back with a wrap up and info on where we stayed soon.

Wish us luck on more late night flights!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Orange Beach Days 1 and 2

After driving to Alabama, we made it to the Bowlin family and enjoyed a fun day at the beach.

Kayaks!  Carter took Jack out.

Then, my cousin Tim took Lainey out.  At one point, they were WAY out there.  Tim suggested they might be too far.  Her response, "Go farther!"

That's my girl.

My cousin's youngest, Jackson, in the middle......with Tim's twins, Pierce and Strader buried on each side.

Cleaned up for dinner.  At one point, we noticed that every kid was on an Iphone. 

What did we do before?

Lainey loved the big balcony........floor 19.......with a "cacuzzi".

Had a fabulous dinner of steak and scallops.

Lainey and Angie.  Angie is responsible for Lamby.......she gave it to Jack 6 years ago.  Lainey stole it.

Back to our hotel for sleep and then we headed to the beach again.

Loved the LSU representation!

The twins shared towels with Jack and Lainey.

Ate lunch and then prepared for our sunset cruise.

First, some family pics.

The Starnes family:

Cousin Tim, Aunt Mary, Starnes, twins and Cousin Angie.

Cassie and Tom and their boys had left that morning.  Missed them here. 

With Tim's wife, Aza.

My sweet cousins!  I always love the phrase that your cousins are your first friends.  So true.  

And, my Aunt Mary.  So much like a mother to me.

Back inside, we tried for a pic of the kids.

Lainey made a last minute kitty cameo.

Said goodbye to the Bowlins and Ragans and headed to our cruise.......pics to come!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Florida/Alabama Transition

Last day with the Starnes family was super fun.

Kids' koozies:

The sand dunes were amazing and looked like snow.

Thumbs up for Blake!  Stitches, a fall off the boardwalk and a (finally recovered) lost piece of luggage.

The Starnes/Jones crew set out for Texas and we stayed for a few days extra, but moved beaches.

Empty.  :(

No more beach bikes.  :(

Blake and I have been noticing this place on our drives and had to stop.

Bought the following 2 pieces.  LOVE.

Crossed state lines into Alabama.

Had lunch at Blake's all time favorite.

And, finally met up with the Bowlin family!  Aunt Mary and I are super close.  All of my cousins are here with their kids and spouses.  So much fun.

Off to spend another day on the beach with them, kayak, and then go on a sunset cruise out of the bay this evening.

Back soon!