Sunday, July 29, 2012

Florida/Alabama Transition

Last day with the Starnes family was super fun.

Kids' koozies:

The sand dunes were amazing and looked like snow.

Thumbs up for Blake!  Stitches, a fall off the boardwalk and a (finally recovered) lost piece of luggage.

The Starnes/Jones crew set out for Texas and we stayed for a few days extra, but moved beaches.

Empty.  :(

No more beach bikes.  :(

Blake and I have been noticing this place on our drives and had to stop.

Bought the following 2 pieces.  LOVE.

Crossed state lines into Alabama.

Had lunch at Blake's all time favorite.

And, finally met up with the Bowlin family!  Aunt Mary and I are super close.  All of my cousins are here with their kids and spouses.  So much fun.

Off to spend another day on the beach with them, kayak, and then go on a sunset cruise out of the bay this evening.

Back soon!


donatelli98 said...

So did the kids know about this part or was it a surprise??? So fun that you could meet up with all of them!!

Jo said...

It looks & sounds like a fantastic vacation!

starnes family said...

No, they didn't. We extended our trip and still have today and tomorrow. They loved it!

Jodee said...

I would be sooo sad to say goodbye to that fabulous beach house! Love your new artwork too!