Monday, July 02, 2012

Old School Friends

Our camping trip was super fun.  Pictures coming soon enough.  While there, I broke the camera that I've been using since my SLR has been in the shop.  I've had it for several months.......bought it for $12.99 at the Good Will while shopping for ski pants.  So, I've had it since our ski trip.

A couple of hours before our departure to hang with the Davidges and Millie's fam, it occurred to me that I would not have a camera and I started to twitch a little bit.

I'm addicted.  Seriously.  It's almost as if things don't actually happen in my head unless I document them with photos.

Blake is less than pleased with this addiction of mine, but I reminded him that I don't have fancy phones, I don't spend a lot of money on my clothes, etc, etc.  Always having a camera is my luxury.

So, after lots of eye rolling and sighing.....and recounting all the of cameras I've broken over the years, he conceded to my buying a small Canon to accompany us for the evening.  It will be used often, when I don't want to haul around my clunky SLR.  And, it's super fabulous with a 5X optical zoom and 16 megapixels.  When did this happen?  My first digital camera has 2 megapixels and weighed 10 times more than this one.


Prior to camping, we had Millie and fam over for dinner.  Millie and I lived together for 7 years at LSU and were the best of friends.  I adore her.  She knows me like only a few others in life.  And, all my dirty little secrets, too.  That, my friends, is no easy burden to carry around.

On to the pics.

Adeline and Lainey.  Quite the pair.

Lots of dressing up and a few shows put on by the girls, too.

Carter and Millie are now the same height.  Crazy.

With their impromptu baby bjorns.

All of our kids together.  Our oldest are a couple of years apart, but the subsequent 2 are nearly the same age.  Both of us had 2 boys and then a girl.  

So, here we are last night at the Davidge house.

This picture cracks me up.

Almost normal.

Former room-mates and friends for almost 20 years!  

And, yes, Millie and I are almost wearing the same dress.

Totally fun night.  Old friends are the best.  I'm so happy to have them in our lives.

Stay tuned for a camping recap and some pictures, as soon as I can figure out how to get them off my camera.  The memory card is a larger size than my computer allows.  I suppose I will have to take it in somewhere and put the pics on a disc.  Because you KNOW I can't live without them being developed.



donatelli98 said...

Looks like a blast!! Old friends are the best.

Brittny said...

You can buy something that holds different size cards and it plugs into the USB of your computer. We had to get one of those a couple years ago. Back when I actually took photos. Super easy! Looks like you all had lots of fun!!!

Pam Bowers said...

I totally understand how you feel about always having a camera. It's a must! I agree, hanging out with old friends who know way too much of your history can be such a blast. I'm glad you all had fun. I love the outdoor chairs at your friends house. very colorful!!! Great way to use them in a photo. And seriously...tell your man-child to stop growing!

The Lenzers said...

can you buy your kid some socks please??? trying to catch up on everyones life as mine is a total snooze right now!