Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Contest + Scoop

First, for the contest.  You must enter.  In insist.  Plum District is my all time favorite and $1000 will go far, peeps!

Link HERE.  Do it.


Next up, babies on the beach.

Davidges and the Starneses.


But, look at that beautiful California sunshine.  Lord have mercy, I love where we live.

My favorite view?

Baby booty peaking out of her suit.

Why can't this look be as appealing on me?

Del Mar is on Camp Pendleton, the Marine base.  I love how well they treat our military.

In other news, we had to say goodbye to the McNamaras again.  I love these peeps.  And, I hate to say goodbye to them.

They are the goofiest of goofy and I love them to pieces.

Next up, camping trip!

Who wants to share a tent with this crew? 

Just let me me know and we'll make space!


Claire Kiefer said...

There really isn't anything cuter than baby booties.

Also, these beach pics make me want to head straight down the freeway all the way to San Diego!

Allyson and Dave said...

Glad to see someone is getting sunny days. We have not seen the sun in FL in a week thanks to a lingering tropical storm.

donatelli98 said...

Camping - ugh! Can't wait to hear about it! Better you than me.

Monica said...

I love baby butts too! I kiss Lyla's little naked butt before her bath every night! Nothing cuter!

Lauren W said...

I want to share a tent!!! Count me in!

Kristen said...

That baby cheek sticking out of the suit... adorable. And no worries, it doesn't look that cute of me either. Not even close.

Never heard of this Plum District. But I have entered the contest and spent the majority of my night stalking their site and learning all about it. Now I am obsessed. Thanks for yet another life distraction that involves the computer :)

So glad you got to spend some more time with those goofs- I know how much you love them.

And if we lived closer, we would so share a tent with you.

Anonymous said...

Cute baby butt

Anonymous said...

Mmmm her ass is so thick. I hope my daughter grows up with the same ass on her. Daddy is gonna have so much fun

Anonymous said...

Sexy ass cheeks 🥒💦💦💦💦

Anonymous said...

Mmm yes

Anonymous said...