Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Summer is Finally Here!

Kids were out of school over a week ago,but we still had the dance recitals looming on our calendar.

Since they're over and done with, we can now celebrate summer!

The weather has been just about perfect here.  Sunny, but not too hot.....a cool breeze in our back yard and at the beach, too.  Not a single complaint here.

Kids have been swimming in the backyard nearly every day.

Water wrestling, too.  Laine always instigates.

Sliding always seems to be the most fun.

We were so lucky to have the McNamaras in town for a couple of weeks.  They tied up some loose ends with Preschool graduation and then the recitals, too.

My heart has been broken since they left for Sacramento. 

Love these wacky kids.

Father's Day came and went.  We decorated the mantle in our usual fashion.

Used some free printables to make other parts of the cook out fun, too.

I took the kids to the beach sans Blake yesterday. 

Little ones are learning to surf.

OK, so she's an inch above sand here, but she's got the pose down!

Jackie is trying, too. 

Soon enough we'll have three blondie surfers.

So very "California".  Don't you think?

Lots of summer travel coming up.

Spending a few days camping on the beach at San Onofre.  Carter has been before, but we've never camped on the beach as a family.  It's the real deal, folks.  Tent, campfire, etc, etc.  I can't wait to sleep next to the sounds of the ocean.

A few pics of upcoming fun:

Looks lovely, huh?

After that, plenty more travel ahead.

Destin/Seaside/Water Sound Florida with a big surprise for the kids regarding travel to see family.  It's going to be fantastic!  They have no idea.

Hope your summer is turning out wonderfully!


Allyson and Dave said...

Seaside is the cutest little town. I have not been to that part of FL in years. So much fun!

Dee Stephens said...

So fun!! Can't wait to see you! We are camping up in the high country this next weekend!
30-degrees cooler than down here in the valley!!

Jo said...

In my next life I'm coming live in FL!

Hope you have a great summer!

Tutus and Choo-Choos said...

So glad that you are getting to celebrate summer finally!

Kristen said...

Love the pics of the punks in the pool... and learning to surf. I wish I didn't work in the summer (or ever, but that's another story). I feel like I miss out on so much fun with Quinn! I will live through the Starnes fam ;)

Unknown said...

So, the kids will be surprised to have "Crazy Kelly" crash their Seaside vacation? Turns out, my baby Beau likes to party. See you soon Starnes' crew.

Monica said...

If I HAD to camp...the beach is where I'd want to be. Hope you guys have fun. Can't wait to see pics and hear the recap.