Saturday, May 31, 2008

Denver Aquarium

While Pa was in town, we visited the Denver Aquarium. The kids really enjoyed it. Us, too.

Our little bow head.

A flood is simulated in this exhibit and you can get drenched in some spots!

This aquarium is filled with much more than sea life - lots of lizards, snakes and even tigers.

Jack loved it all.

The obligatory tunnel.

This exhibit lets kids peak into the water from these bubble-like cut outs.

Our little actor, Carter.

Carter and Blake fed the stingrays.

Pa jumped about 4 feet into the air a few seconds after this picture was taken. The stingray came out of the water for his food and scared him.

After our visit, we ate lunch at the aquarium restaurant which was really quite good. They have a playground just outside. Carter asked me to take this picture. He was pretending to tame the whale.

Sweet Lainey had a ball just watching her brothers run and play.

Muscle man, Pa.


My mature husband.

Lainey Bug

Sweet Lainey, 8 1/2 months old.

She is growing up so quickly. Crawling through the house, pulling up to a standing position on furniture, eating more and more toddler food each day, etc. Slow down sweet baby!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Coors Field

I'm really behind in posting recent outings, so I'll spend the next few days attempting to catch up.

A couple of weeks ago, we had the neighbors over for a pre-game cookout. It was the day after watching Amber compete in the Mrs. Colorado Pageant, so we celebrated her success with a cake and lunch.

Her two oldest kiddos plus Carter and Bella.

And, one attempt with always-agreeable 4 year old Jonathan.

Carter chose the wording for the cake, which I thought was precious.

Backyard fun for the boys.


Kiddos inside at the ever-popular train table.

Off to downtown Denver next to see the Rockies play. The kids are in a club called the Rockies Rookies. It's for fans of the baseball team and is certainly one of the best deals going for children in Denver. $12 a year buys you membership, a t-shirt, baseball hat, backpack and access to great events such as running the bases at a major league stadium, an on-field baseball clinic, an end of the season party and more.

The 4 oldest of the kids.

Walking to the game.

Time to run the bases at Coors Field. Pure magic for the gang.

Blake leading Jack around the bases. I love the look he's giving Digger, the Rockies mascot.

Jack really had no clue what he was doing, but was enthusiastic nonetheless and loved every second.

Home run!

Jonathan and Chris.

Blake and John.

Chris and Bella.


Precious Carter taking care of little brother just before they ran the bases at Coors Field. I had no idea how sweet siblings could be. They have their usual tantrums and disagreements, but Carter's love for Jack and Lainey is unlike any that I've seen.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Learning To Share

Each kid at his own pace....some more sensitive than others. Sweet Lainey is going to be a tough little girl.

Patience, Please

Just arrived home from the dentist with Blake who had 4 wisdom teeth pulled this afternoon.

Why has he not had this done? Because he procrastinates.

Why is he getting it done now? Because he married me.

So, please wish him well and wish us all a speedy recovery. This family doesn't run as smoothly without him!

Blake's Favorite Picture

A close up from another.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

More From The Backyard

Some pictures from hanging out with the little ones while Blake did some yard work on Sunday.

Jack was a big help.

And, Lainey just sat there being cute.

Jack's new love....juice boxes.

He actually gave her a ride for a bit. Progress!

Jack was so cute giving Lainey's cow a ride. He does this, too, at Pottery Barn Kids. The stroller is the first toy he grabs.