Monday, May 26, 2008

Party At Belinda's

Memorial Day Weekend has been busy and fun. We've been to Elitch's, down the street to a lovely dinner at Nick and Marisa's, out to Highlands Ranch today for a BBQ and in between all of that, we worked in the yard quite a bit, too.

Lainey has been on the move and she's a joy to watch cruising around the house.

Many pictures to post.....first a few from Belinda's house.

Here is Jack with the Hollingshead family dog. He just learned a new word for Batman.....which is "keeeyyy" (kitty)....and so now he refers to any animal accordingly.

Daddy and Lainey playing with the doll house. Already planning on purchasing one like it for Christmas.

Jack loved the trampoline.
Goofy Lainey and AnnMarie.

Carter was there, too, however he spent most of the day with Noah playing Wii upstairs.

We're all home now exhausted from so many activities. Kids are in bed and we're close behind. Another big week ahead....

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