Friday, May 16, 2008

Weekend Plans

Nothing short of a marathon, as usual.

Saturday includes lots of work in the back yard. We're finally putting the first plant in the ground after living here for just over a year. Last year's additions included a new patio and outdoor furniture, so we had to wait on the landscaping.

This year, we've installed the basement window well covers - which is no small task and not at all inexpensive at about $200 a piece. Just to insure one of the little ones doesn't fall 6 feet down into the well. They're certainly worth it. Next, comes the plants and foliage. Trees right now are ridiculously expensive after visiting every store in town, so we're starting with bushes and plants in one part of the yard. Blake will be hard at work planting 25+ plants tomorrow while I keep the kiddos busy at the zoo.

Tomorrow night includes a night out for the girls. My friend, Amber is competing in the Mrs. Colorado Pageant, so I'm accompanying the family to the event.

On Sunday, we're waking early to prep the house for a pre-party and cook out for our first Colorado Rockies game at 1:00. The kids get to run the bases after the game. They can't wait!

Hoping you all have a lovely weekend ahead!

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I like your new blog banner.