Monday, May 12, 2008

Araphaoe Basin

We skied for the first time this season at Arapahoe Basin. It's one of the few resorts still open, based soley on it's position in the mountain range. Entirely different from the other resorts we're accustomed villages, no shops, etc....just a mountain and a few buildings selling tickets and gear....a restaurant and bar. Most people tailgate which made it fun as long as the sun was shining. The parking lot and "Beach" becomes one huge party with tents set up and people grilling, passing out food, etc.

We were cold upon arriving and the trip getting there was ROUGH....slipping and sliding on several parts, as the snow plows had not been through. It was a real mess for a while there and I was sure that we were going to end up in a ditch. But, Blake pulled us through and we arrived safely. Thank goodness!

Chris, Carter, me, John and Amber.

Carter at the base.

With Brody, his best freind.

Here is Blake on the mountain working with the little ones.

Chris and John.

Baby Lainey staying warm inside and reading a book.

Jack and Jonathan took a break, too, to warm up and have a snack.

The crew......Bella, Rien, Brody, and Carter.

Me and Amber on the lift.

Looking down from the mountain at the few buildings at the base.

Carter and Brody.

The sun provided lots of warmth and a pretty day, but also tons of puddles.....and Jack couldn't have been happier about that.

Messy Brody after playing with Carter in the snow. These 2 were soaked head to toe from the second we arrived.

Messy Carter.

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