Thursday, May 15, 2008

Our Little Town Makes The News

Brighton was a mess this afternoon. One of our 2 main roads, Bridge Street, was flooded with cars trying to beat the price of gas. Western Center typically has the cheapest prices, but the lot to get in is ridiculous. K and G just opened a few days ago and has been challenging them ever since.

Today they got down to $2.97 a gallon! I paid $3.26 this morning for mid-grade. Upon driving in and out of town running errands, we watched the prices fall all day....$.03 at a the other stations in town remained at $3.69. At least one car wreck happened and police eventually positioned themselves out in front of each station escorting traffic in and out. There were lines out of each station with dozens of people waiting.

Click here for the article detailing the news. We're famous!

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