Thursday, May 15, 2008

Wild Animal Sanctuary

Chris and I took the little ones to the Rocky Mountain Wildlife Conservation Center in Keenesburg, CO last week. It's been featured on Animal Planet and many other programs. Pat Craig and his crew rescue exotic animals from unsafe environments and sub-standard living conditions.

The Sanctuary is located just a few miles northeast of us and is unlike a zoo in many ways. They have 160 acres of rolling hills to keep these animals in their natural habitats, complete with underground burrows, structures to climb on and pools to cool off in. Some are in cages....a transition from their rescue. All seemed very well taken care of.

Pretty tigers. This is the most populated animal here it seemed.



On the Observation Deck.

Looking back at the Education Center and the animals currently in cages.

A tiger warming in the sun.

All sorts of wild cats.


And, bears.

It was a really neat place to visit. The people here genuinely love these animals and take good care of them.

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