Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween Mish Mash

Lots of random peaks at our Halloween prep for 2010.

Here are Jack and Lainey with neighborhood friends.....Emma and Jessie. This is the first and last time we saw Jack in the full "knife" costume (plus the Indiana Jones hat).

Pumpkin carving. Blake and Carter are diligently working......Jack won't go near it because it's "yuck" and Lainey is training Yainey Kitty to walk on a leash. Looks about right!

Quite the outfit, sister.

Later, we turned this......

Into this. Yum.

Glowing jack-o-lanterns. Carter designed, scooped and cut the one on the right all by himself. Pretty good!

We received these fun treats in the mail. No name on them. Please let us know if you sent these so I can thank you properly!

Needless to say, the kids loved them.

Blake took the punks to Carter's school parade Friday morning. Blake dressed them and did Lainey's hair. He can do this on his own any day, but usually doesn't do pig tails with bows for Laine. Cute.

Carter and his buddy switched costumes. No surprise there.

I helped with his Halloween party later that day. I asked someone to take our picture and Carter did his best to cover my stripey witch tights. Such a party pooper.

Lainey on our way out to a pre-Halloween event. The princess sleeps.....

Another Halloween outfit. Jack's hand-me-down skeleton shirt. Donna's skirt and Mae Mae's leggings. It takes a village, people.

More to come on our visit to Seaport Village, but had to share these for Halloween. They had a doggie costume party. Lots of fun entries and the kids had a blast.

Here is Cupid.

Big bird!!!!!!! He only had 1/2 his costume on here. I hope he won. It was awesome.

And, finally......our card this year. I didn't send out many, so again, no haters if you didn't receive one. I'm working on our Christmas card now and it will not disappoint. Promise. You all know by now about the fierce competition between Coco and me for who creates the best card. I will win again. And, everyone will get one of those.

Hope your weekend is going well. We are excited for tomorrow night......trick-or-treating with our new neighbors and lots of fun houses to visit. Back soon!

Friday, October 29, 2010

10 Years of Halloween

Seems weird that we've been celebrating that long.

A look back....


Trick-or-treating in Overland Park, KS.


At the trick-or-train in Golden, Colorado.

This was my all time favorite kid costume. (so I have tons of pics of this one)

Meltdown. The first of many.

Boo at the Denver Zoo.

Rock Creek Farm Pumpkin Patch in Boulder, Colorado.


Rocky Mountains in the back.


Pa was in town this year!

Jack didn't understand and walked right into houses, sat down at the dinner table and reached for food.

Darth Vader, Yoda and Princess Leia. (our only year to coordinate)

Yep. Those are yarn buns.

Before Fright Fest at Elitch Gardens.


Jack bundled up for trick-or-treating in Castle Rock, Colorado. 2 feet of snow on the ground!

Caroline and me. On our never ending quest to annoy Carter.

2/3 of our kids wore this I did when I was a child.....along with my 5 siblings. This is Jack.

You can see a bitty Batman in there if you look closely.

Punkin lion.


At the Fort Worth Boo at the Zoo.....I was pregnant with Jack here.


Mega Halloween Costume Party at our house. Caroline was Dick Cheney (wearing my Dad's Halliburton coveralls) and Blake was George Bush. It was election year. I was Martha Stewart in her prison apron. This is one of my favorite pictures with Caroline.

Carter and Trysten.


Imagine 3 year old Carter in the same lion costume Jack wore last year. Pictures are in the garage. No patience to find them.


Imagine 2 year old Carter as Blue from Blue's Clues and Blake as Joe from Blue's Clues. It was awesome.


1 year old Carter as the Crocodile Hunter.

Such fun to look through all of our years of Halloween.

Carved pumpkins last night. Roasting seeds today after I help out at Carter's party at school.

And, then Halloweekend is here!!!!!!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Batman, The Bumble Bee Version

When we rescued our Batty Boy from the shelter in Colorado 4 years ago, we were not sure exactly what to expect. We hoped he was kid-friendly. We didn't realize he was the Most. Patient. Cat. Ever.

Exhibit A.

Exhibit B.

Enter Halloween 2010. And, the costume.

He was resistant at first.

But, I managed to convince him of its beauty.

Find a happy place, Batman.


The kids were excited. Can you tell?

"We did it!"

Those flat ears are not a good sign. Sweet Batman tried hard to be patient.

And, then we let him loose.

Panic and laughter ensued.

Help me.

He was only in it for 10 minutes, but I think that was enough. We'll try it again this evening and if I can find his leash (you read that right), we'll go on a practice walk.

Wish us Batman luck!