Monday, October 04, 2010

New Car, The Aquarium And Termites - All In One, Baby!

The 'burb is in the shop getting repaired since my wreck not long ago. I got my rental today and when asked which I wanted (between a beetle and some other small car I'd never heard of), I was all "Umh, beetle bug, please!"


Why? Why not?

When else will I get to drive a fun car like this? The kids are in love. Blake? Notsomuch. That's OK. He was a good sport about it.

On Friday, we headed into La Jolla to pick up some things at the beach house and to spend the day away, as our house was being treated for termites. Of course it is! Car trouble, wreck, flat tire, and termites. Nothing phases me, peeps.

So, we checked out the Birch Aquarium. I called Merrilee to get the scoop first and I have to agree.....not a world class place, but certainly unique in its position by the sea. You'll see what I mean in a bit.

Scripps is an old family, who for generations have contributed to the oceanography research on the coast......particularly in La Jolla.

Lots of interactive things for the children.

The views are amazing. It's neat to learn about these creatures and then look out across the ocean to wonder where they are.

To the left is La Jolla Shores.....where we spent nearly every day on our vacation this summer. Around the curve is the Cove.

Love this view. I bought a knew I we'll be seeing lots more of this place. Very convenient, at only 20ish miles away and I want the kids to learn lots about ocean life.

Our pretty girl.......initially apprehensive about the sea life toys, until she was sure they were not real.

"Mom, I can hear da ocean!"

Man-made tide pools outside for the kids to enjoy. We touch sea stars and a sea cucumber.

If you remember, this was one of my favorite vacation events......seeing the critters in person while in low tide.

Little ones were delighted to see this water old favorite from our Kansas City Union Station days.

Shark cage!!!!!!!

We watched several groups of children walk into the shark for a picture and they all willingly participated. These are the three I got of my punks. Looks about right.

What on earth is she doing here?????

Pressed penny machine! They have an awesome collection right now.

Lainey wanted NO help from big brother.


A sea gull was waiting for us on the whale fountains upon leaving. Kids loved him.

But, nothing can compare to this magnificent exhibit. The hand dryer in the bathroom. I honestly don't know.

We returned home to find part of our house looking like something out of ET. (that was a movie, Sass) You know, at the end when they seal up the house and all walk around in those crazy suits? I was hoping to see Blake like that. No such luck. Hoping we're termite-free after this initial partial treatment. But, I'm fully expecting to be living in our car for 6 months while they tear it down and re-build. Again, nothing phases me!

I have a ton to catch up on........Oceanside Farmer's Market.........Harbor Days........a super fun filled weekend. More to come!


The Lenzers said...

you are so calm and easy going...did you up your meds? I sure you are secretly panicking on the inside, hand in there my friend. That aquarium looks pretty nifty, gorgeous views!

Dee Stephens said...

WOW! I remember we had a termite problem in our house in BR. They literally came from the house across the street. Dug a tunnel underground and got into our house. They are freaky!!! That museum looks cool!

Heather said...

Love the bug! But too bad it's not pink or convertible. I feel sorry for you. I'll say this.... Just enjoy the heck out of being able to whip in and out of parking space lightning fast after driving a suburban. It's awesome!

Heather said...

AND I hope they got rid of the termites.... Sorry abbot that :(

The Rand's said...

What a fun little place! And it's location is awesome.

Sorry about the termites. Pain!!

Love the bug. Those things are every where. Gracie wants a rainbow bug. Sa-weet!

The Soladay Family said...

Love the shark cage! My boys would LOVE that!

Termites suck.'s a movie, Sass....awesome.

Kim said...

What a fun trip! I love Lainey's overalls and the car. Ben's mom used to have one just like it! Mason was all about riding in every chance he got! Enjoy!

Shannon said...

WTF did they do to your house? We've had to have termite treatments done and it looked nothing like that!

Love the bug.

Pam Bowers said...

Hahaha...I opened up your blog and had to give my hubs a slugbug!

I think Birch Aquarium is a bit unassuming too. Seattle has a nice one. Their view from that back deck is amazing though. I have a pic that is identical to the one you took.

Brrr...I was down right cold today!!!

Momma to the A's said...

The aquarium is so cool! You cannot beat that experience with the view!! Totally up my alley!

Fingers crossed the bugs are gone so you don't have to move into your bug! So much fun having a fun car like that for a bit! Enjoy it ... I bet you will be happy to have your big car back though!

So happy to see you all are fitting right in to your new Cali digs!

starnes family said...

Shannon - they heat parts of the house infected to 170 degrees with large machines. Particularly the attic. Of course, we had to move out 1/2 of the garage to do it and securely store our photographs and such that could be affected by the temps. Took about 5 hours. Not entirely inconvenient, but not easy, either!

donatelli98 said...

Oh my Casey - it just keeps on coming doesn't it! I envy to good attitude - I thik I would have crawled into a ball and said commit me now!

Tutus and Choo-Choos said...

Love your great attitude about everything that is going on in your life right now. Your pictures make me want to take a trip to the ocean.

Sara said...

Oh my geeze - termites?? You poor people.

I love the picture of Lainey inside the shark's mouth with her hands in the air and Jack with his head in his hands like - What IS she doing???

A bright yellow bug??? Seriously?

If the shoe FITZ said...

I had no idea that had to use a big circus tent to get rid of termites. the neighbors are loving you!!! ha

Alexandra said...

Oh, how strange to see our family vacation picture scenarios with someone else's face in there!

My In laws live in LaJolla, and if we were there year round? We'd totally pick up on a Birch Aquarium pass.

We love that place.

You have a beautiful family..!!

Becca Jane said...

How are you liking the Kite Runner, I keep meaning to ask!!

I LOVE the ocean pictures! I miss the ocean, I have so many childhood memories of the Oregon coast. I'm glad you got a pass.

The Potters said...

I LOVED that aquarium! The newborn sea horses and sea dragons were my fav!

aunt caroline said...

Jack is wearing his new shoes!!!

FROGGITY! said...

okay, lainey looks like she has grown over night! it's that good CA air, right?

you rock that bug, mama.

i am loving the aquarium. not termites, though.

Tiffany said...

nothing phases you, for real. i would have been in tears by now--or knee deep in chocolate. i obviously handle stress well.

you always find the most awesome places--that pick inside the aquarium is beautiful.

Kelly Beatty said...

Like Carowine, I noticed that Jack has new shoes too! Lainey is a mess. She means business. I love the pic of her telling Jack to stay away.

Sorry about the termites :(. That's craziness.

Life in Beverly HIlls said...

The views look amazing! Hope the termites are gone...hope you are enjoying your new home (well...location not the termites).

Merry Mack said...

I drove a bug before I had a baby and I absolutely loved it and want it back. Mine was red.

We have been to that aquarium. We went and took Missy Mack when she was 18 months old while our friends went to Legoland. It wasn't too bad. The most exciting story from our visit was our attempt to take the bus back to our condo. We made it, but just barely.

Jeannette Pucella said...

Luv, luv, ,uv the bug!!! And aquariums too!