Friday, October 08, 2010

More House Pictures

Happy Friday, peeps!

First, I have to give a big shout out to Dalton........a friend of Carter's from Kansas City......whom I do believe reads this blog.

Hi, Dalton! We miss you!!!!!!

Took some pictures of the house finally......inside. Started with my kitchen window and noticed something wrong. See that picture frame turned around? Hmmm......

Upon further inspection, I realized it's a treasured photo of Coco and me. I've noticed this picture being moved around the house in suspicious places, but not blatantly turned around.

(look closely at the psychopath staring back at your through the window.....he must be responsible)

I'm assuming he thought there wasn't enough room in our tiny home for it among the living room or kitchen, so I put it on his nightstand. Now, he can wake each morning, stretch his arms, and greet Coco while starting his day. Perfect.

Back to the is the view from my kitchen. I love it. I love the atrium window and although the kitchen is minimal and even smaller than ours in Kansas City, it's all worth it for this view.

Lainey Bug's room.......and her big girl bed!

Found these vintage letters at an antique store in Guthrie, Oklahoma years ago. They were used in a play decades ago and they're made of real glass glitter. I adore them.

This is what the kids call the "li-berry". They choose books from these cubbies each evening and Lainey stashes her junk in them round the clock.

A tight squeeze with her dresser and armoire, but we made it work.

Living/dining combo...... Still not sure what to do above the fireplace mantle, so I'll post about that once it's done.

Boys' room.....Carter added some posters. Cute. All of our rooms are small, but the vaulted ceilings in each room certainly help them feel bigger.

And, finally, our room. I love, love, love this room. Can't wait to finally add the sheer white panels to our bed. Can't you see them blowing in the breeze when the doors are open?

These doors......2 open wide to the patio to walk out and the third has a screen, so we can sleep with it open. Heaven.

Love laying in bed comfy!

I'll say it again......we totally lucked out with this house. California real estate is all about timing and this one just happened to become available during our search. We snatched it up immediately.

Yall have big plans for the weekend? There's another festival in town.....may check that out. I'll post about Harbor Days asap. Lots and lots of pics.


donatelli98 said...

I am sure Blake is thrilled to wake up to you and Coco every morning! Love your bed and the house!! I can't wait until we can open our windows all day here!

Becca Jane said...

Casey, it's beautiful! Every room! I LOVE your kitchen window, I dream of one someday! And your master bedroom is perfect...also in my dreams, haha! I love Lainey's room, so girly!

Nate's sister lives in Oceanside (on base, I think), so maybe next Spring we could get down to visit you BOTH!! I'd love it!

Unknown said...

I love it!

*especially hubby's hat on the bedpost...where you will also find my hat in my house, lol!*

Sara said...

It looks so good!! I'm in love with your bed. Can't wait to see it with the panels. Awesome!

Glad we got to catch up a bit. Have fun at the festival this weekend!! xoxo

Kelly Beatty said...

I LOVE, LOVE the pictures & shadow box on the entry-way wall. They look GREAT! Your house is just SO adorable. I love how you have it decorated. It's like an Etsy & Anthropologie store all in one :).

Lauren W said...

Gorgeous, girlfriend! I have been in my house over a year and I haven't made it as homey as you have made yours in 2 weeks. Way to go, Casey. it looks great! :-)

Coco said...

That is messed up that Blake would turn our picture around.
He just is jealous of the beauty he lacks.

LOVE THE HOUSE! All of the rooms look just perfect and I really like what you did behind your couch. And the atrium window!! Darling.

Jodee said...

Holy cow! You did hit the jackpot! What a fabulous house! I love the vaulted ceilings!

merrilee said...

Looks darling.....I especially love the big french doors in the bedroom. I LOVE to keep doors and windows open.....a treasured part of living in California(plus you feel like you are actually getting some fresh air).

Pam Bowers said...

Your house is cute. Love Lainey's Room. And I love your bed!!!

The Soladay Family said...

Casey, it's precious. I love what you've done. Perfect.

Heather said...

Wow! That is gorgeous! That master bedroom is a dream. I might not ever get out of bed... Y'all are so lucky!

The Lenzers said...

LOve those doors in your room, that's where i would escape to, for sure!!! HA poor blake waking up to you and COCO every day....can't wait to hear where he moves it to next time

Momma to the A's said...

Your house is awesome!! It is so nice to be able to find nice places when renting!!!! It can male such a difference.

Lainey's room is precious and your room is beautiful! Would love to have your bed ... looks like something out of a movie!

Kristen said...

Your house is fabulous!!! And your bed!?!?!? Covet. Bigtime.
I am dying laughing about the pic of you and Coco... love that it is now on your nightstand. Your hubs cracks me up. For real, does he have a single brother or something?

starnes family said...

KS - now it's on HIS nightstand.

And, no, he doesn't have a single brother.....he's darling, too, but married!

The Rand's said...

Your house is great. Especially love the doors in your bedroom. I would love to have doors and windows open!

Merry Mack said...

Casey, I love it. I am sure Blake has accepted that Coco will be part of the deal. Those pictures with the numbers and birds hanging in Lainey's room are made by the same person that has that alphabet I have in our playroom. My good friend has those birds hanging up in her house. We were going to hang them on the tree branch but her hubby wouldn't go for it.

I love the house. Cute and your are right, a total score.