Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Wednesday Scoop

Despite the craziness around here, we are loving life!

Lots of meals outside.......

And, Lainey is becoming so shy.

I promised Mae Mae a picture of Carter in his skinny jeans.....not looking so skinny here after a day of wear, but they're tight enough for me.

Dinners often lead to laps around the house via scooter or skateboard.

We visited the Oceanside Farmer's Market for the first time on Saturday. Lainey had to pack up Sassy Kitty and a baby for the walk.

All ready to go. She is such a little stinker these days. Look at that face!

I had to use the facilities while there and was bewildered by the effort put into the hand washing set up. In Kansas, we just wiped our hands on our kids. Kidding, Kansans!!!!! Kidding!

(those are clean wash cloths to the left.....a bag for used ones....and a pump of water with soap)

Tried to get a picture of the punks in their somewhat matching outfits (and Lainey's PRECIOUS ruffle cords and shirt from Mae Mae).

Agreeable as always.

Don't smile, Jack.

Al sorts of delicacies for sale.....

Live music.....

And, rat masks.

Lovely, Carter.

Carlsbad, California tomatoes....

Had to get some sunflowers to represent the great state of Kansas.

It's a huge market. Awesome.

Another picture of the skinny jeans. He LOVES them.

I swear, the Zoloft reps must be in cahoots with Lainey. I'm thinking they're paying her off with cupcakes and candy in order to be the world's brattiest 3 year old. Which leads to my meds skyrocketing. Nice work, guys.

Another example. This is the 3rd year in a row she's worn this Hook 'Em shirt. I promise she's growing......just tall......not a bit of chub on her. (she got that from me)

Previous years:



The 'burb is due back soon.

Job search is still going well. As most of you know, I don't provide many details on where we please just trust we are diligently searching and have several good possibilities right now.

Although, if Blake doesn't start soon, he's threatened the following in order to keep his distance from this house:

***cleaning out port-a-potties

***border patrol (Canada, not Mexico)

***selling his organs (Caroline, you still get a free kidney)

Hope yall are having a good week!


donatelli98 said...

Nice one - I am glad to know my 3 year old isn't the only one vieing (sp?) for the brattiest in the world! Ugh - some days are so hard!! Good thing she is cute - she had the most beautiful hair! I love the curl! Love Blake's humor!!

Carrie Darney said...

My 3 year old is just sweet as can be! He never says "Are you Serious!" or "NO Mama" or "You're a bad Mama!"

Sorry you have to deal with that...I just can't relate...

Dee Stephens said...

GREAT post! Cali is so great for produce. When I lived in VEGAS I would venture to Cali a lot to visit my friend(who happens to be getting married this weekend in Cali)..and I would always hook it up with some produce. My fav? The cheapo bing cherries!

Pam Bowers said...

I love farmer's markets. When I worked in Escondido we had one right outside our door every Tuesday afternoon. I loved it. The kettle corn was the best!

Lainey might be a pill right now but she's adorable doing it.

The Soladay Family said...

THose are some serious sunflowers. Lainey is getting major use out of that T-shirt. My Carter can still wear an 18 months pair of shorts and he's 6.

Kelly Beatty said...

Casey, you left out how cheap WINE is in California! You're not kidding about PRECIOUS and Lainey's cords.

Merry Mack said...

3 year old girl is a bad, bad, thing. Bad. This too shall pass. That is all I have to say about that.

I need that market now. My mouth is watering.

Cute punks.

Good luck on the job search. I am sure you will be glad to have wheels.

The Rand's said...

Great market.

I can't get over how big Jack looks in the pic by himself. Love him!

Carter and his skinny jeans--precious. The boy knows what he likes. That's good.

My girls make those faces LC is making. Just wait for the eye rolling and the sighs. It's all so fun!

Jodee said...

Wow! What a fabulous market! It looks like you had loads of fun!

Lainey and Kamree are two peas in a pod! Age 4 is driving me to drink.

Brittny said...

Why not start a chickfila? I hear those don't exist out there. They have no idea what they are missing!!! It's a life saver for moms on this side of the country.

Susan said...

My 3 year old boy is rather bratty right now. I keep reminding myself how much I love him.

Sara said...

That pumpkin outfit is adorable on Lainey! Even more so with her sassy faces.

Skinny jeans? C looks good in them. My mom bought Hudson a pair of gray skinny jeans at the Gap. No joke. Yes, they make them for 18 month olds and it's hilarious. I'll have to get a pic.

Blake cleaning port-a-potties?? Awesome.

Kim said...

Glad you have settled in! The Farmer's Market looks awesome. Have a great weekend!

Nate, Abbey, Noah, Blaire and Tatum said...

Love her little pumpkin shirt! Where did you get that?!

starnes family said...

Abbey - the shirt is from Tiny Made, via Etsy. Darling, isn't it?!